29 Amazing Modern Kitchen Design Ideas and Tips you need to know

These 29 modern kitchen design ideas have a unique style, along with the equipment, materials, accessories, and features that bring an elegant and trendy look to the room.

Discover how a modern kitchen is customized to suit your needs

—the result: a functional, pleasant, and attractive room that highlights your style.

1. Wood for modern kitchen design ideas

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The woods in the kitchen have many uses, for example, you can use them for worktops, and on the flooring by choosing wooden floors with decorative items.

As in this kitchen here, we use light wood furniture with parquet to get an elegant and inviting atmosphere.

Tip: if you choose a wooden floor, I would recommend you to get imitation wood,

tiles that will be much stronger in a kitchen.

These days, we can find very beautiful models on the market

2. Add marble for a stylish kitchen

Marble can transmit warmth and seduces by its stylish and timeless effect!

You have the choice to incorporate it neither with a little touch or massively in the kitchen: on a worktop, in credence, or on a central island.

As they say, Marble is a noble material but quite expensive, yet there is some good quality marbled synthetic materials.

It is a compact and durable material that works very well in the kitchen.

You can find a lot of different colors.

In this example the island and the credibility between them.

 This kitchen below is harmonious and the marble is beautifully emphasized by the wooden floor.

3. Choose quartz for a durable kitchen.

Quartz is one of the main modern kitchen design ideas and as we all know is known for its elegance and robustness against impacts and scratches.

This makes it ideal for a credential or a worktop in a kitchen.

This kitchen we have here is at the same time design and refinement.

The white furniture contrasts with the wood flooring, as well as the tile way, creating a perfect modern combination

4. Add concrete to a rough kitchen.

The concrete work surface gives this cuisine a raw and authentic look. The mixture of materials is especially well made.

The white for the furniture, the concrete for the worktop, and the handles give this kitchen an industrial and modern look.

5. Uses of stone for authentic modern kitchen design ideas.

You are probably wondering, stone for the modern stylish kitchen?

 Natural stone wall fits perfectly with wood furniture and modern design

Here in this kitchen, the stone is an essential element of the decor: it brings a warm and natural ambiance to the room.

I love how they mix between wood and stone in this kitchen.

Note: This combination suits different kitchen styles: country or mountain chic, Mediterranean or even Scandinavian.

6. Add color if you go for a white kitchen

The colors give this very simple white cuisine some fantasy.

The white sandy floor gives it a classical and chic touch while the LED lights and chair ensure a modern look.

Tip: in a white kitchen, always bring some colors or equipment with decoration and accessories to avoid the clinical and impersonal effect.

7. Black Black, another level of elegance

Once again this year, black is in power. This timeless color symbolizes elegance.

It matches every interior style. As you see in this kitchen

Tip: combine black with a natural touch such as plant to add smoothness to your kitchen decor.

8. Bright modern kitchen design ideas

Pep up your kitchen.

 In this kitchen, the yellow paint contrasts perfectly with the gray and guarantees a joyful and very contemporary ambiance.

I’m in love with the harmony of colors!

Yellow is the color of good humor, it is bright and sparkling and works perfectly with the softness of grey.

9. Bring a natural environment with green

As we speak here in modernhomlydecor, Green is one of the trendy colors of the year.

 It’s the color that combines peace and energy in the kitchen.

The green provides an especially enveloping and reassuring atmosphere of a friendly space.

Green is a charming addition to the home, regardless of which room we add.

Here is a list of trendy colors this year, which has a green color between them, so take a loose and let yourself be inspired

10. Blue kitchen

Same as the green, Blue has been on-trend in recent years and continues in 2022, especially in the kitchen.

The blue color ensures originality and plenty of energy in your kitchen.

Tip: There are so many ideas on how you can add blue to your decor and give it a cozy atmosphere.

For example:

Add Deep blue with marble or wood for a stylish and cozy atmosphere

or electric blue and white for a more punchy kitchen for example.

11. Colorful modern kitchen design ideas

Colorful kitchen, Sound scary right! Well not exactly…

Colorful beautiful designed by experts will be more than enjoyable to have in your home,

Luminous and friendly, Colorful kitchen will seduce you this year!

It is a good option for a kitchen: it is timeless and provides a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.

The colorful furnishings and geometric ground of this kitchen create an original and dynamic space, You can also choose any color shade you like

12. Black and white kitchen

Whatever they say about color trends, white keeps its reputation every year

Even though white is not the start of the year 2022, it is still a take its place in the kitchen.

Combined it with black, and you will guarantee a modern kitchen

Timeless and modern, white guarantees simplicity and a smooth lifestyle, On the other hand, the black touch brings elegant and charming.

13. Friendly atmosphere with the terracotta kitchen

Hot and bright colors in 2022! Use bold red, orange, or pink to warm up your room.

In this kitchen, the combination of terracotta paint, and yellow furnishings inspired by Moroccans brings a Mediterranean taste and a very trendy look to the room.

14. Smart modern kitchen design ideas

Even if in 2022, the modern kitchen is meant to be natural and authentic, it is not afraid of the smart home revolution.

When we say smart home we say future, for example,

if You want to check the contents of your fridge from your Smartphone, preheat the oven before coming back from work,

or maybe follow a recipe on the Internet and install your robot.

That’s all sounds cool and modern and that what smart home devices offer in 2022 and in years to come

So consider adding some smart devices to save so much time in your life, and have a modern kitchen

15. Hide your kitchen appliances

With modern kitchens, it’s time for minimalism.

Cover-up your kitchen is one of the main keys!

The idea of this is to have a clean and enjoyable kitchen space.

Putting a fully integrated fridge, dishwasher, and furniture in your kitchen, makes it easy to integrate appliances perfectly and discreetly,

especially if your modern kitchen design is open to the living room.

16. Modern kitchen design ideas with island

As in this example, you see a spectacular central island, with an extended dining area.

This kitchen applies white for tall and low cabinets and adds a marbled effect to the island and the walls. Superb set!

17. Glass doors for modern kitchen

This small kitchen perfectly matches the living room by inspiring the color codes and materials from the entire apartment.

Tip: glass doors assert the elegance and the very modern character of the small kitchens, a very good idea of removable partitions.

18. Chic and sample kitchen

What a charm, what do you think?

Metro white ceramic, thin worktop, pendant lights: simple and yet so modern kitchen.

 I like the simplicity and elegance in this modern kitchen.

19. Interior/ exterior layout for modern kitchen design ideas

If you are lucky enough to have an exterior, you can turn your kitchen into a summer open kitchen and enjoy a meal outdoors!

 A sliding door is a smart idea for connecting the interior to the exterior.

20. More simplicity with a sleek kitchen design

The kitchen stands for simplicity.

It is bright and reflective of natural light.

The space is bright and airy. It is enjoyable and inspires calmness and serenity.

21. Exposed dishes

The exposed kitchen cabinets come back in force in the kitchens for this years and years to come.

 Exposed kitchen cabinets are the central element of a modern kitchen.

It allows showing your beautiful dishes and decoration accessories.

22. Minimalist handles for modern kitchen

Kitchen handles this year are discrete or entirely invisible.

The time has come for a simple minimalist design for a clean and no-frills kitchen!

Rectangular or rounded forms, in mass or embossed, there is something for every taste and every budget in the market.

Tip: To have a modern kitchen, without getting into big deals, then you can easily change doors or handles.

23. Extra-thin worktop

In the modern kitchen, the worktop focuses on finesse:

less than 2 cm! And the kitchen will become more elegant and lightweight.

I also have an 8mm thick black worktop in my kitchen.

Important tip: if you choose an Extra-thin worktop, choose a strong material.

I recommend stainless steel, Corian, or Quartz for example which can be removed without losing strength, unlike granite or wood.

24. Have a beautiful kitchen faucet.

Commercial Style Faucet, Pull Down or Out Faucet, Single-Handle or Dual-Handle?

Faucets are the icing on the cake in kitchens! This year, it does its show and highlights modern kitchens.

Tip: as well as being aesthetic, a kitchen tap must be functional.

25. Add herbs

Herbs are the last touch to put on a plate!

So, how about having an indoor vegetable garden and taking advantage of fresh aromatic herbs to improve your dishes?

Applying this will definitely bring originality and modern touch

26. Beautiful wallpaper

The wallpaper is more and more trendy every year,

you can see it anywhere and even in the modern kitchen design ideas!

We notice an increasing number of brands are launching moisture-resistant wallpapers

Vegetable or graphic pattern, it definitely brings fun to a kitchen!

27. Maximum storage!

In 2022, storage is taking a big part.

The idea is to have it all at your fingertips and to have as much storage as possible.

To do so, choose large storage cabinets or high furniture in addition to low furniture.

28. Open kitchen shelves

Aesthetically pleasing and very functional, the open shelves let you quickly access your stuff.

Yet, you should know that this step requires more cleaning because of the potential dust and splash.

29. Organized drawers

Do you know the secret behind a well-organized kitchen? The simple answer is just to put everything in its place!

Drawers are very useful for classifying your supplies like scissors, large spatulas, or ladles for instance.

Important tip: in the drawers, order your accessories depending on their functions to optimize the space.

What materials to choose for modern kitchen design ideas?

The kitchen is a 15-year investment or more, so why not choose the best quality materials?

The trend for this year and coming years is part of an eco-friendly approach and so is the kitchen.

Natural materials are therefore in the spotlight: such as wood, marble, or stone for example, as we see before

How much does it cost for a modern kitchen design?

The cost of a modern kitchen is dependent on the size, equipment, and materials you choose.

A practical and functional kitchen is essential. Just don’t forget to give it some modernity.

It is a multi-functional room that should be maintained friendly.

Decorated with modern materials or energized by colors, there are many possibilities as we already discussed,

But to give you a wide range: count between 5000 and 40000$ for a kitchen.

Modern kitchen design ideas layout?

Open or closed kitchen, lengthwise or U-shaped?

The layout is done totally according to your wishes and your room

How to decorate a modern kitchen?

I would say that for a modern kitchen in 2022, the keyword is minimalism;

adding minimalist deco is elegance and eco-friendly, which is what we want for a modern kitchen

What materials to choose for a modern kitchen design?

The general thoughts in the 2022 trend are part of an environmentally friendly approach and so is the kitchen.

Natural materials are in the foreground: wood, marble, or stone for instance.

Which colors to choose for a modern kitchen design?

Although white is always appreciated, this year it is the color that wins.

On a wall or on cabinet doors, this color lights up all kitchens.

How do you keep your modern kitchen in order?

For a perfect kitchen, you have to rely on space optimization and a large number of storage spaces.

The combination of practicality and aesthetics is no easy task!

Conclusion tip:

For choosing your modern kitchen design: add colors, mix the materials, and minimalist elegant appliances.

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