Best Adjustable Chair For Home Office: What you Need to Know

This is our best adjustable chair for home office review

The best adjustable chair for home office should be both adjustable and comfortable.  

I’m a home designer who researches the all-known home office adjustable chair to help you find the best adjustable chair for home office that works with your needs. 

And I found that Vinsetto High-Back Mesh Home Office Chair is the best adjustable chair for home office. 

There are no two persons alike, so a chair should fit your body; that’s why I’ve included reviews of the adjustable chair for home offices for every category. 

Let’s get started 

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Our best adjustable chair for home office

Vinsetto High-Back Mesh Home Office Chair (best adjustable chair for home office overall).

Vinsetto Big and Tall Executive Office Chair (best adjustable chair for home office for big and tall type).

Vinsetto 500lbs Big and Tall Office Chair (best adjustable chair for home office for big size category).  

Vinsetto High Back Racing Style (best adjustable chair for home office and gaming).  

Vinsetto Linen-Touch Fabric Office Desk Chair Swivel Task Chair (best adjustable chair for home office small size).

Vinsetto Ergonomic Mid Back Computer Office Chair (best adjustable chair for home office for aesthetics look).

Vinsetto High Back Mesh Chair, Home Office (best adjustable chair for home office Task Chair type).

7 best adjustable chair for home office

Here is the best adjustable chair for home office in the market from several big-name retailers.  

Vinsetto High-Back Mesh Home Office Chair 

best adjustable chair for home office overall
best adjustable chair for home office overall
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Sponge, Nylon, Metal, Mesh(polyester)
  • Overall Dimension: 26.5″ Width x 25.5″D x 42.25″-45″ inches height
  • Seat Dimension: 20.25″ Width x 20.5″D x 18″-22″inches height
  • Armrest Height(to Seat): 6.75″-9″
  • Coat Hanger Height: 36.25″-40.25″
  • Back Size: 15.75″W x 20″H
  • Max Load: 330lbs
  • Best for: Overall

Suppose you want to combine respirability and mesh airflow with the advantages of a chair designed with large and large customers in mind. In that case, you should pick the Vinsetto High-Back Mesh Home Office Chair.

This well-constructed chair, with a simple and clean design, has a capacity of 330 pounds which is perfect for major users.

It also has more spacious proportions than your medium office chair, including a 20.25 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep seat and a large back to 20 inches.

The Vinsetto High-Back Mesh Home Office Chair is delivered with a selection of adjustment options for a chair of this size.

 For instance, you can perfectly adapt the lumbar support piece to your lower back. Armrests can also be adjusted to fit height.

Of course, it also comes with standard options such as height adjustment so that you can personalize the fit of this chair during work.

It also has a tilt up to 120 degrees and a hanger on the back for vests or a handbag.

If you require to support up to 330 pounds, we recommend this chair. It has a good price and meets the fundamental requirements of comfort, adjustment, and support.

Vinsetto Big and Tall Executive Office Chair 

best adjustable chair for home office for big and tall type
best adjustable chair for home office for big and tall type
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Sponge, PP, Nylon, Steel, PU leather
  • Overall Dimension: 27.5″ W x 28″ D x 46.5″-50.5″ H
  • Rocking Dimension: 28″ W x 32.25″ D x 43.25″-46″ H
  • Seat Dimension: 21.75″ W x 17.75″ D x 19.25″-23.25″ H
  • Armrest Height(to Seat): 9.5″
  • Back Size: 22.5″ W x 28.25″ H
  • Max Load: 350lbs
  • best for: for big and tall type

If you are love to have a comfortable leather adjustable chair, look no further than the Vinsetto Big and Tall Executive Office Chair. 

With its extra-wide seat and extra-thick headrest padding and design at the back, you’ll find it affordable for what you get.

This chair has received glowing reviews from several clients depending on form, materials, and overall durability.

Regarding adjustability, the Vinsetto Big and Tall Executive Office Chair features a robust gas lift to set the seat from 19.25 to 23.25 in height and the armrest to seat their height up to 9.5 inches. The armrests are fixed on this chair, though.

Vinsetto chair is covered with PU leather and mesh trim. Although this type of faux leather is durable, smooth, and easy to clean, it does not please everyone. 

Some even feel that it diminishes the overall appearance of the chair.

The arms are thick and padded, and there is a high back with additional breadth and padding to support your head and neck.

This chair can take extra time to assemble. But this is not unusual when dealing with a heavy and bulky chair like this one. Hey, At least we know it’s built properly.

Vinsetto 500lbs Big and Tall Office Chair

best adjustable chair for home office for the big size category
best adjustable chair for home office for the big size category
  • Color: Light Grey
  • Material: Sponge, Metal, Linen (Polyester)
  • Overall Dimension: 28.25″ W x 31.5″ D x 43.75″-47.5″ H
  • Seat Dimension: 24.5″ W x 21.25″ D x 21.25″-24.25″ H
  • Armrest Height: 29.25″-33″
  • Back Size: 23.25″ W x 26″ H
  • Max Load: 500lb
  • Best for big size category

If you’re looking for an adjustable fabric chair for big size, this chair from Vinsetto is our top choice.

The Vinsetto chair sits on a rugged five-star metal base and features a rugged gas elevator to adjust the height of the seat from 21.25 to 24.25.

Unfortunately, the Vinsetto does not allow you to tilt back into a locked position.

You can toggle back and forth and control the rocking resistance with a tilt voltage adjustment button, but you don’t switch back to nap mode with this chair.

Despite what it appears, it’s a real work chair.

Most of the chairs in this line are made of leather (usually faux or reconstituted leather) or a combination of mesh and synthetic textiles.

Thus, it is refreshing to find a chair such as the Vinsetto Big and tall, which comes padded in fabric with a dark grey or light linen finish.

In addition, the chair can support up to 500 lb. So it’s a big size chair.

With this weight capacity and more than 24.5″ seat width, this chair meets the ANSI/BIFMA standards for heavy users.

Vinsetto large and high chairs are renowned for their comfort and space.

For instance, this chair also gives you more than 21″ seat depth plus a back of 23.5″ broad by 26″ high. In short, it is a large, comfortable, and spacious office chair with padded armrests.

Vinsetto High Back Racing

best gaming adjustable chair for home office
best adjustable chair for home office and gaming
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Material: Polyester, Sponge, Nylon
  • Max Load: 264lbs
  • Overall Dimension: 21.75″ W x 25.25″ D x 43″-45.5″ H
  • Reclining Dimension: 20″ W x 43.25″ D x 7″ H
  • Seat Dimension: 20″ W x 17.75″ D x 17.75″-20″ H
  • Armrest Height: 20.75″-23″
  • Back Size: 25.5″ W x 25.5″ H
  • Net Weight: 33 lbs
  • best for: home office and gaming

The Vinsetto High Back Racing Style Gaming Office Chair would be our top pick if this list were just about gaming chairs. Hands down. 

But there is no reason why a chair such as this cannot fit into the office chairs category.

This chair’s specifications, convenience, and quality of construction put it right up there with the best of the finest adjustable home office chairs available on the market.

This desk chair features a height-adjustable gas lift cylinder with complete rocking tension and seat height adjustment. 

The backrest may tilt up to 120 degrees and attach at any angle. 

The office chair is adjustable to correspond to your desk and seating habits.

Plus its weight capacity, the Vinsetto High Back Racing Style Gaming Office Chair can support well over 264 lbs on a sturdy steel frame.

 It comes with roomy dimensions for larger users, including a total seat of over 20″ (50.8 cm) and a seat depth of over 17.75″ (45.08 cm).

Vinsetto Linen-Touch Fabric Office Desk Chair 

best adjustable chair for home office small size
best adjustable chair for home office small size
  • Color: Pink, White
  • Material: Sponge, PVC, Nylon, Linen(100% polyester)
  • Max Load: 264lbs
  • Overall Dimension: 24.5″ W x 23.5″ D x 36″-40″ H
  • Seat Dimension: 19.75″ W x 19.75″ D x 16.5″-19.75″ H
  • User Height: 4′-5’9″
  • Back Size: 18.5″ W x 20″ H
  • Net Weight: 26 lbs
  • Best for: small size

This home office chair with a plastic package has lumbar support that can be moved upward or downward, suitable for users of different heights, and provide better support. And you can swing back and forth for a little rest time.

You can adjust the office chair’s seat height and raise the armrest for less space to fit your desk and your usual sitting.

A high-quality gas lifter makes it smooth and safe.

This chair Features standard 360° swivel wheels and lift-up armrests. This home office chair offers all sorts of trouble-free mobility and convenience.

Ergonomically designed backrest with thick upholstered seat and armrest, covered in skin-proof linen style fabric, offers an additional comfortable and breathable experience in the home office chair for long-term work.

And the Assembly will take 10 minutes; remember, it’s for small, light people.

Vinsetto Ergonomic Mid Back Computer Office Chair

best adjustable chair for home office for aesthetics look
best adjustable chair for home office for aesthetics look
  • Colour: Grey linen, silver nailhead
  • Material: Sponge, Nylon, Steel, Linen
  • Overall Dimension: 20″L x 24.75″Width x 33.5″-37.5″ in height
  • Seat Dimension: 20″L x 19.5″Width x 20″-24″in height
  • Seat cushion thickness: 4.75″
  • Back Size: 15.25″L x 20.75″W
  • Back cushion thickness: 5.75″
  • Max Load: 264 lbs
  • best for: for aesthetics look

This chair is more for the aesthetic side. However, it has an adjustable feature but is limited compared to other options.

So this is your best choice if you want a stylish chair that can be used as a vanity.

It has an ergonomic line design with a thick sponge padded seat covered with linen sensation fabric. This will offer an extra breathable and comfortable experience for long work periods.

HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT lets you adjust the height of the home office chair’s seat according to your desk and seating style. An upscale gas elevator makes it smooth and safe from top to bottom.

With a usual star base equipped with five swivel wheels, a seat allows you to go anywhere you like. You can swing from front to back to stretch your back. 

And of course, a Brighting nail with linen sensation fabric creates an ambiance of leisure, suitable for living room, bedroom, study, etc.

Vinsetto High Back Mesh Chair, Home Office Task Computer Chair 

best adjustable chair for home office Task Chair type
best adjustable chair for home office Task Chair type
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Sponge, PP, Nylon Mesh (polyester)
  • Overall Dimensions: 25.5″ W x 25.25″ D x 45″-48″ H
  • Seat Dimensions: 19.75″ W x 18″ D x 15.75″-19″ H
  • Armrest Height (to Seat): 9.75″
  • Back Size: 19.75″ W x 21.25″ H
  • Max Load: 265 lbs.
  • Best for: Task Chair type

The standout feature of this High Back Mesh Chair from Vinsetto is the adjustable low back support that molds around your back to give you the support you need while you sit down.

And an adjustable height headrest that helps keep your head supported throughout the day and relieves pressure on your spine.

It has all the characteristics of modern adjustable desk chairs: a completely adjustable seat height of 45″ to 48″ inches and an adjustable armrest height to fit under your desk.

Include a rocking movement to stretch your back while you are on break or simply for fun, and a 360-degree swivel capability and smooth casters.

The 5-star base creates additional stability and avoids flip-flops when you’re on the clock.

It has a breathable back mesh, ideal for preventing sweating in an office or warm building. In addition, this mesh backrest stretches to decrease pressure points.

At the same time, the thick cushioned sponge seat is soft and comfortable to work at home.

Guide to Buying the best adjustable chair for home office

Guide to Buying the best adjustable chair for home office

What are the types of adjustable home office chairs?

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are the main class of modern office chairs, with a comfortable design, support, and adjustable elements.

Suitable for all shapes and sizes and for those who work eight or more hours a day, the ergonomic chairs feature soft, breathable materials.

They have Curved S-frames for optimal backrest support, complete backrest, and seat and armrest adjustment. And other features such as adjustable headrests, synchronous inclination, and lumbar support.

Suppose you spend time seated and need a modern multipurpose chair. 

An ergonomic chair will keep you comfortable and allow you to sit in several positions during the working day. In that case, these are the chairs for you.

Task chair

A work chair is what most of us imagine when we think of the standard office and computer chair.

They are functional chairs that glide under our desk and are equipped with the standard range of office chair components.

These chairs are great for small spaces or collaborative workspaces.

Task office chairs are available in various seat and framework materials. And due to a large amount of time spent building these chairs, most work chairs still include the basic ergonomic design and setting features.

A work chair will be a great option if you require a space-saving chair with basic ergonomic features and a cost-effective price tag.

Big and Tall Chairs

A big office chair is essentially a larger version of a work chair with an emphasis on the broader dimensions of the backrest and seat tray, greater weight capacity (more than 300 lbs), higher floor height compared to seat height, and increased lumbar support and cushioning.

These chairs must be easy to adjust and comfortable to sit for long periods.

An example of a chair in this category would be a seat width greater than 21 inches, a seat depth greater than 30 inches, 350 lb load capacity with a height range of 45 to 49 in.

Executive Office Chairs

Executive desk chairs provide slightly more luxury and comfort than the standard desk chair.

With an executive chair, you will find design items like bushy leather, increased damping with shape or spring memory foam, a high-chair backrest with padded headrests, and premium frame materials such as fine-grained wood or stainless steel.

These chairs can also recline and include thicker upholstery on the armrests, with comfortable cascading seats and streamlined designs to ensure maximum comfort and support.

Suppose your objective is a mixture of comfort with old-school style and sophistication. then you might want to look into the category of frames. Remember that these chairs are usually larger than a regular work chair and will require more space.

Which types of materials are used in office chairs?

Breathable Mesh Fabric

Mesh is a generic term in the world of designer office furniture. Still, it is essentially a kind of synthetic furniture that is tightly woven into a mesh motif.

Mesh may be the primary substrate on your chair’s backrest or an upper layer on your backrest and seat.

In both cases, the mesh will provide great ventilation and airflow. What it sometimes lacks, though, is durability and constancy in terms of support and comfort.

You will notice, for example, that on the cheaper chairs, the mesh can begin to collapse over time. This may result in improper sitting posture.

But with better quality chairs, the mesh is made of better materials, and models are designed to maximize both breathability and practical support over long periods.

Faux leather

It is much cheaper and offers similarly sophisticated aesthetics.

In addition, with faux leather, you get different properties such as anti-microbial protection, scratch resistance (in case children or pets?), and various colors and textures.

The faux leather also makes it much easier to clean.

So which one is right or wrong? In both cases, you will sacrifice the mesh’s ventilation by increasing the overall comfort and “cushiness” factor.

We love leather, period, but it comes down to your preference for breathability, price, appearance, care, and more.

Synthetic Stain-Resistant Fabrics

You will see engineering fabrics covered in upholstery on the seat and back.

Polyester, polyurethane, and vinyl are commonly used synthetic materials. All provide excellent durability and easy maintenance. However, remember that vinyl, often the primary material with mesh support, may be too abrasive for some.

Frame materials – wood, plastic, metal

Apart from the fabrics used in your seat and back, the office chair frame will be made of a hard and durable material like wood, plastic, or metal.

For the most part, the difference is in price and appearance. For example, we adore a chair that combines natural wood with beautiful seat materials such as leather or woven textiles.

But we also love a more modern approach that uses stainless steel as the base and armrest, with a ventilated net bottom and textured pillow.

Most economical office chairs will be made of hard plastic combined with metal (steel or aluminium) for levers and adjusters.

More importantly, read the comments and make sure the framework is robust enough for long-term usage.


Why is chair height important?

The seat’s height is important to maintain independence and functionality if the user is mobile or can stand up for transfers.

If the seat height is excessive, the user will be unstable when standing up or encouraging posterior pelvic tilt while the user is seeking a footrest.

What is a comfortable office chair height?

About 17-22 inches

Desk office chairs are designed for comfort, so the seat height suitable for them is very subjective. The most common measures are around 17-21 inches, but you may find chairs as low as 14 inches and as high as 22 inches.

How to have a more comfortable office seat?

  • Make sure your chair height is correct. With a badly seated chair, discomfort won’t be your only concern.
  • Add a seat pillow to the chair.
  • Set up armrests.
  • Dampen the armrests.

Our Verdict

Our best overall pick is the Vinsetto High-Back Mesh Home Office Chair, an excellent mid-range option with a fully adjustable seat and backrest for personalized comfort and support.

 If you’re looking for a chair used as gaming and a home office chair, check out the Vinsetto High Back Racing Chair. 

It has a great adjustable option; you can customize it by color and have a cool aesthetic presence in your home office.

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