Best Filing Cabinet For Home Office- Buying Guide and Top 8 Reviews

This is our Best filing cabinet for home office review

The Best filing cabinet for home office should be the perfect storage size for your needs, durable, and have a beautiful look. 

I’m a home designer who researched all types of filing cabinets to help you find the best filing cabinet for home office that matches your needs. 

And I found that Perf File Cabinet is the best filing cabinet for home office overall. 

Every home office setup and storage needs are different, so I’ve included reviews of filing cabinet for home offices for every category. 

Let’s get started

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Our Best filing cabinet for home office

1-Perf File Cabinet (Best filing cabinet for home office overall)

2-HomCom 5 Drawer Storage Organizer Filing Cabinet (Best filing cabinet for home office for loa t of storage)

3-HOMCOM Mobile File Cabinet Organizer (Best filing cabinet for home office for budget)

4-Vinsetto Multifunction Office Filing Cabinet Printer Stand large cabinets (Best filing cabinet for home office for Multifunction)

5-Vinsetto Filing Cabinet Printer Stand Mobile (Best filing cabinet for home office for Lateral Cabinets shelves/drawers)

6-HOMCOM 3 Drawer Printer Stand, Mobile Lateral File Cabinet (Best filing cabinet for home office for Lateral Cabinets drawers/shelves)

7- HOMCOM Retro Wooden 2-Drawer Lateral File Chest Cabinet (Best filing cabinet for home office for Lateral Cabinet rustic style)

8-Vinsetto Vertical File Cabinet (Best filing cabinet for home office for vertical cabinets)

8 Best filing cabinet for home office

Here is the best filing cabinet for home office in the market from several big-name retailers.  

Perf File Cabinet 

Best filing cabinet for home office overall
  • Width : 15.8 inches
  • Height: 24 inches
  • Depth: 19.8 inches
  • Drawer: 6” H x 14” W x 17” D
  • Materials: powder-coated steel 
  • Weight Capacity per drawer: 30 lbs 
  • Drawer Glide Mechanism: Roller Glides
  • Number of Locking Drawers: 3
  • Adult Assembly Required: No
  • Color: black, white
  • Style: modern, minimalist, contemporary
  • Best for: overall

Perf File Cabinet is the perfect combination of function and fancy. 

This three-drawer lockable filing cabinet offers room for documents and personal supplies.

The pretty delicate perforated detail on the front side adds some little interest to what is generally an annoying piece of storage.

Made of matt powder-coated steel, that means stands for durability. Powder-coated steel frames are more durable (1) and have better environmental resistance with No Maintenance.

It’s a fireproof filing cabinet with two little drawers and a more oversized drawer.

The upper drawer is lockable with two included keys and has a tray divider for small stationery items.

The lower drawer contains hanging file separators to store essential files and documents.

The base features five casters for easy movement, two of which can be locked to avoid unwanted movements.

Perf File Cabinet has a sleek and modern design that adds an aesthetic appearance to your home office and integrates very well with modern designs.

So because of all these reasons, we find that this filing cabinet is the best in the market today, especially if you need medium storage space.

HomCom 5 Drawer Storage Organizer Filing Cabinet 

Best filing cabinet for home office for loa t of storage
  • Width : 15.75 inches
  • Height: 26.5 inches
  • Depth: 15.75 inches
  • Materials: P2 Particle Board
  • Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
  • Color: black, white
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary, minimalist
  • Best for: a lot of storage

This cabinet with five drawers adapts perfectly to all colors and tonalities.

It’s simple, and its practical design is ideal for the office, the studio, living rooms, and bedrooms

Once the wheels are off, they can also be used as vanity make-up.

With five drawers, you can store office supplies, essentials and cosmetics. Keep your belongings clean and quickly located by putting them in a single cupboard.

If your drawers are full of paper: sketchpads, building paper, stock of cards, scrapbooking stamps, stationery. Many cabinets will not fit the usual 8.5 x 11 tolerance for most paper stores, so these larger, wider drawers are handy. 

The furniture is made from a sustainable P2 particle board with a total capacity of up to 66 pounds. (2)

Supplied with four plastic wheels (2 are lockable), you can quickly move them without damaging the ground.

Looks sleek and modern and fits in Office, Bedroom, Living Room, and Study Room

Same Note as the other cabinets, the assembly can be tricky.

HOMCOM Mobile File Cabinet Organizer

Best filing cabinet for home office for budget
  • Width : 15.7 inches
  • Height: 23.6 inches
  • Depth: 13.8 inches
  • Materials: MDF Metal
  • Weight Capacity: 55.1 lbs (Overall), 30 lbs (top surface)
  • Upper Shelf Dimensions: 14.5″ W x 13.75″ D x 3″ H
  • Drawer Dimensions: 12.5″ W x 11″ D x 2.75″ H
  • Color: black, white, brown  
  • Style: modern, contemporary, minimalist 
  • Best for budget

Compact design, a shelf, ample drawer and door cabinet offer enough space for paper, ink cartridges, books, shirts, and other office items.

The total weight of this cabinet is 55.1 pounds. The top surface will be capable of withstanding a printer up to 30 pounds.

In general, I would say that it is ideal for minimum storage and printer support.

The mobile filing cabinet is made from durable wood particles with a melamine surface and metal plating grip and is built for sustainable use.

It’s rugged and beautiful.

It moves quickly at home or in the office thanks to its four one-way wheels, 2 of which have brakes to block it in place.

Also has a minimalistic Nordic presence with a compact size, fits under most offices, and goes well with home office decorations.

Note that this cabinet is hard to assemble unless you are used to this type of duty.

Vinsetto Multifunction Office Filing Cabinet Printer Stand large cabinets

Best filing cabinet for home office for Multifunction
  • Width : 39.25 inches
  • Height: 28 inches
  • Depth: 15.75 inches
  • Materials: P2 grade particleboard
  • Weight Capacity: 132 lbs, 7 lbs (Drawer), and for shelf 11 lbs 
  • Color: white
  • Style: modern
  • Best for Multifunction

This cabinet has excellent quality and strength and is a beautiful piece of furniture.

Has ample storage space on a large countertop for office machines: printers/scanners/fax machine and two side cabinets for files.

Also two drawers for office supplies and a middle compartment of 12.75 inches in height that you can use for paper

Feature adjustable shelf on the two cabinets on five different height levels, which make them suitable for your files, notebooks, books, or other personal items.

And 4 360° smooth-rolling caster wheels for easy moving

So, in general, it has much-storing space.

Manufactured with P2 grade particleboard like the other type of filing cabinets furniture, which means Sturdy materials and Good quality. Also very heavy

you could use it in home offices, bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms. It has a fantastic shape and friendly presence and works well for the office or home study.

Note that this cabinet is a little hard to put together and probably needs two people.

Vinsetto Filing Cabinet Printer Stand Mobile Lateral File Cabinet

Best filing cabinet for home office for Lateral Cabinets shelves/drawers
  • Width : 31.5 inches
  • Height: 28.25 inches
  • Depth: 15.75 inches
  • Materials: Particle Board
  • Weight Capacity: 88lbs (Overall), 11lbs (Each Shelf), and for drawer 6.6lbs
  • Color: black, white
  • Style: modern
  • Best for Lateral Cabinets shelves/drawers

Vinsetto Filing Cabinet serves well the purpose of arranging your space. They provide you with a closed shelf that features a shelf that can be adjusted into three levels, two drawers, a small open shelf, and surface space.

This filing cabinet has surface space on the top to put your office machine side compartment for office supplies or small decor.

You can use a large drawer for letter format files, a small drawer for stationery, and a small compartment between the drawer and the top surface for paper.

Also, four plastic castor wheels, two of which have brakes for easy movement, are made from plastic.

Manufactured with particle board (3), that means stronger, aesthetically attractive, and lightweight. Remember, weight capacity is 88lbs overall.

Has an elegant design and sleek lines that make it do well in home offices with modern styles and minimalist home office

The Note on this cabinet is that you have to lift the top drawer a little bit to get the bottom and top drawer in. 

HOMCOM 3 Drawer Printer Stand, Mobile Lateral File Cabinet 

Best filing cabinet for home office for Lateral Cabinets drawers/shelves
  • Width : 31.5 inches
  • Height: 25.5 inches
  • Depth: 15.75 inches
  • Materials: Particle Board
  • Weight Capacity: 132lbs (Overall), 11lbs (Shelf), and for drawer 6.6lbs.
  • Color: black, white
  • Style: modern
  • Best for Lateral Cabinets drawers/shelves

This cabinet is suitable for use in study and office; the spacious desktop of this filing cabinets cart can accommodate your printer or scanner.

The open storage shelves and cabinets can quickly isolate the space according to your purpose. 

The three drawers provide enough storage space for books, files, other stationery and other small items. (The 2 top drawers with 6 inches in height, and the lower drawer is 10.25 inches in height with 14.5-inch width) 

Also feature adjustable shelve in 3 height (2.5 inches) and four plastic castor wheels.

Like most of these types of cabinets, it’s made with Particle Board that know for durability and lightweight.

HOMCOM 3 Drawer Printer Stand, Mobile Lateral File Cabinet Has a smooth modern appearance. It is effortless to match with other furniture.

The Note on this cabinet is that it can be a little tricky to assemble.

HOMCOM Retro Wooden 2-Drawer Lateral File Chest Cabinet 

Best filing cabinet for home office for Lateral Cabinet rustic style
  • Width : 30 inches
  • Height: 30.5 inches
  • Depth: 19.75 inches
  • Materials: P2 MDF P2 Particle Board Metal
  • Weight Capacity: 154lbs (whole), 110lbs (top), 22lbs (drawer).
  • Color: White
  • Style: rustic
  • Best for Lateral Cabinet rustic style

A rustic style characterizes this filing cabinet. Classical oak-plated surface, unique x-motif detail and stylish hardware give it a neutral aesthetic touch that can fit most decorations.

The 2-drawer filing cabinets can hold letter-sized files in the left-hand folders and legal-sized files in the right-hand folders, equipped with robust slides to facilitate access to the files.

Made of solid P2 MDF and particleboard, this file cabinet offer durability and easy cleaning.

This freestanding cabinet features a fall-resistant design and can be mounted on the wall to prevent tipping.

Have support for the back to help the sturdiness and additional support for the strength of the bottom.

Note about this cabinet is that some users report that the railings are too broad and hit the top as you close and open the drawers. 

Vinsetto Vertical File Cabinet 

Best filing cabinet for home office for vertical cabinets
  • Width : 31.5 inches
  • Height: 28.25 inches
  • Depth: 15.75 inches
  • Materials: Particle Board
  • Weight Capacity: 88lbs (Overall), 11lbs (Each Shelf), and for drawer 6.6lbs
  • Color: black, white
  • Style: modern
  • Best for vertical cabinets

 Suppose you need a little storage space, but your home office doesn’t offer the space for a big bookcase or another desk. In that case, this cabinet can be an excellent addition to your home office.

This office cabinet has two roomy drawers, each with two sets of A4 file suspension bars to store needed documents.

This filing cabinet features two drawers with a lock on the top drawer. The lock is delivered with two keys for you and one for safekeeping.

This cabinet has a particle board framework and can support up to 110 lbs.

Guide to Buying the best filing cabinet for home office

How do I choose a filing cabinet?

Before you invest in a file cabinet, there are a few things to consider.

Space for a filing cabinet

In some cases, such as a classroom or small home office, you may need to store paper files in a small space.

You may not have enough space for a short and long filing cabinet. Still, you can compensate for that horizontal space by selecting a vertical filing cabinet.

Think about the space available for filing cabinets, first of all. Next, you can choose the practice filing cabinets solution that suits you best.

Filing cabinet Storage Capacity

Next, consider the size of the documents you will have to store.

For example, a simple letter-sized filing cabinet will not suit your needs if you work in an art class and need to keep student work portfolios at hand.

Instead, you can go for a lateral file cabinet that has a larger spacing and can accommodate large work files compared to the traditional filing. 

You can also prefer a system of flat file drawers to protect each drawer’s work.

 Think about how much paper you’ll need to keep at your fingertips for the next few years. If you plan to rotate files regularly, you may not need much storage space.

Suppose you must retain documents for a more extended period. In that case, it may be a good idea to invest sufficient space in meeting your needs over the next five years or more.

What are the types of filing cabinets?

After determining your storage and space requirements, you can look at the different kinds of filing cabinets on the market.

Mobile Pedestal Filing Cabinets

These cabinets are mounted on wheels to make mobility easier.

If you plan to move your office space frequently or need to use one cabinet in several places, search for cabinet options that enable greater wheel mobility.

With these cabinets, you can move your files as you like without taking a lot of home workspace.

These cabinets are usually smaller and can accommodate two or three different drawers of the same or different sizes. These are ideal for an office setting.

Lateral Filing Cabinets

These multi-function cabinets are equipped with hanging rails to facilitate filing a letter or legal-size files.

With no rails, you can store additional items you may need to keep handy.

Lateral filing cabinets typically store more files than other solutions because of their greater width in drawer sizes. 

Whether you need plenty of room or a compact solution, these cabinets come with two or more vertical drawers to meet your needs.

Fireproof file storage cabinets

The Fire Proof system cabinets (FRFC) protect essential documents for up to two hours in case of fire.

Built with an exclusive fireproof compound, it protects from flames and hot gases.

Key features of the fireproof file storage cabinets include effortless drawer movement and secure and ingenious locking.

These types of cabinets are used to protect materials indoors against the effects of fire and contain any material that can cause fires.

Vertical File Cabinets

These classic filing cabinets have smaller compartments for letter format files. 

These solutions are suitable in compact spaces and are configurable for two or more drawer packages.

Most are equipped with a thumb latch to lock the easy-to-slide drawers inside and outside the cabinet.

These traditional filing cabinets are an excellent solution with a low footprint for office spaces, open spaces, and houses.

Cabinet/Shelving Combination

Suppose you love the classic office space and prefer to have a lot of storage space. In that case, you can opt for this filing cabinet with hutches that enable lateral storage space at the bottom and display regularly used books or files at the top. 

These solutions are discreet and eye-catching in any design style.

What Materials and Colors should consider when choosing filing cabinets

According to your needs, you may need to match a color palette, or perhaps you have a preference for your binders.

Most home office filing cabinets are made of powder-coated steel, MDF or practical board and provide durability and sturdiness when dealing with it with care.

Standard colors include white, brown, gray, and black. 

Other filing setups like cabinet/shelf combination can be manufactured in laminate and available in a variety of wood finishing to match your present decor.


Maintain standing files in a filing cabinet? 

File Divider Kit ensures that your files do not only eat space in the cabinet. 

This piece of equipment is used to hold your files tightly and straight.

 It is easy to operate because it attaches to your drawer and allows you to access the folders in the drawer.

How are filing cabinets measured? 

Multiply the drawer height by the number of drawers to get the total capacity of the cabinet.

For instance, if your filing cabinet has four drawers, the total capacity is 7680 cubic inches, as 1920 x 4 = 7680.

Our Verdict

Our best filing cabinet for home office is the Perf File Cabinet for an outstanding balance of storage size, style, durability and setup. 

It works well with any work, keeping your items safe, and has plenty of space for your books, files, or other supplies.  

The HomCom 5 Drawer Storage Organizer Filing Cabinet is your best option for lots needs for storage. 

It has a good look and a lot of storage room to help you organize your work correctly.

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