11 Best Home Decor Trends for 2022 You Will Love

styles, Floors, Furniture, colors… What is the trends in home décor for 2022? we do the searsh and find 11 décor trends for 2022 to you 

Remember, find your own unique style that fits your personality and home. Then deep dive into that

it’s about authenticity, the story that a home can tell, and the feeling you have when you’re in it.

keep reading to find out what is these Home Decor Trends for 2022 and how you can apply them easily

#1 trending color

the color trends -home decor trends for 2022-

Who says decoration, says colors…

Bold and cozy colors for the home decor trends in 2022 are the terms dominating conversation among fashion professionals.

If comfort speaks to us directly, especially in these turbulent times, it will be its colors


use it for wall painting, texture style, furniture, rugs, front dors, and pillows.

and definitely, you will be on trend this year

#2 furniture trends

11 home decor trends for 2022
sculptural furniture

the trendy style for the furniture to have for 2022 is sculptural furniture,

sculptural furniture is perfect for people who don’t like a lot of colors and a lot of patterns but they looking for something interesting,

you will see lots of shaped mirrors and little interesting pieces of decor around your home.


if you like furniture and like to be trendy :

then try to get sculptural furniture style for dining room chairs, accent chairs, coffee tables, even those round sofas

#3 trending design style

traditional style

the traditional style is coming back to home Home Decor Trends for 2022.

it’s kind of cozy, a little nostalgic, and fancy looking and lots of people really love it.

we gonna see so many traditions in different home items this year, that will add storytelling to the space.

As they say, quality never goes out of style.


if you’re looking to apply this trend to your home, then I recommend you to have some items like

lighting fixtures, wall art, oil painting, do it in a modern way and you will lock on the trend

#4 picture frame molding

picture frame molding

picture frame molding is another design detail gonna notice a lot in Home Decor Trends 2022,

its timeless detail to add to your space, it has seen four hundred years and will add an instantly elegant looking,

so if you have a builder-grade house and it’s looking a little boring then throw some picture frame molding and it will do the trick,

plus it looks perfect with sculptural furniture and gonna add dimension to your space


if you want to add this perfect detail to your home then u can do this on the entire wall from floor to ceiling.

you can do this halfway to your wall, or three curter the way up, so there are so many options that you can do it

#5 kitchen design

warm wood cabinets

If you are looking for ideas to makeover your kitchen

or if you are planning to install a brand new kitchen and wondering what is on-trend for Home Decor trends for 2022 in kitchen design this year

then I will recommend you to add warm wood cabinets, its the latest trends from kitchen designers, experts for 2022,

These wood cabinets are more of a gray undertoned muted warm wood finish and will be only in small parts of the kitchen

like your lower cabinets or kitchen island, it’s a nice mix between modern style and a touch from the past


looking to have this trendy style in your kitchen design! then try to mix between the texture of the wood cabinets, and something a little bit more timeless like bold color.

and you will have a unique modern kitchen

#7 smart homes

smart home devices

another trendy design that’s definitely been pushing last year is going full force into Home Decor Trends for 2022 is smart homes.

smart home term sound to a lot of people who think that this is overwhelming and complicated or thinks that their homes will be controlled by an iPad.

but it just means that you will have smart home devices involved in your home it will make your life much easier and make it function much better


you can add smart plugs or smart bulbs so that you can control your home lightening at a certain time of day

or maybe a smart blinds and smart vacuum cleaners for better and easy homework,

and definitely wee gonna this on this year and years to come

#8 home workspaces

home office

home office or home workspaces design trends is a lifestyle design change,

it came a few recent years before and this year has become an essential part of Home Decor Trends for 2022

whether is that be a specially designed private room or integrated space in your home,

and will definitely see it this year and in the coming years,

so if you are building a new home or renovating your basement be sure to include little space to be your home office


decorating a little space in your home and make in it feel a part of your home is a perfect start

and if you don’t have a room for a fallout desk, I will suggest using a console table that u can put in some corner in your home, and style it with small accessories

turn the little closet into a home office and make it part of the home

and you will have that trendy modern space for 2022

#9 flooring

light oak floors

another big topic is flooring, and wood tone floor that is on Home Decor Trends for 2022 is sandy light oak floors

in general, sandy light oak floors make it super easy for you to decorate and atmosphere of a room

but also a softness to your home.

and definitely hides a lot of dirt


so if you are picking new wood flooring for your home and looking for a trendy 2022 style

then I would recommend you to stay away from those dark-colored and bleu gray floors,

instead, pick a light-colored flooring or nice Mindy mid-tone

#10  closed-off the floor plan

closed-off design

this trend is more for people who are looking for a new home or building one and want a very on-trend style,

now in 2022 with the lifestyle changes and people choosing to be in-home more,

the closed-off the floor plan takes its to be in home decor trends for 2022

the closed-off design gives more visual privacy felling


this traditional closed-off floor plan is bringing back the traditional dining room, table, french doors…

so all these details will help to create a more on-trend design

#11 Rounded Edges

curve round edges

home decor trends for 2022 are going a little bit softer with curve round edges,

back in the day everything was kind of square sharp and was the cool style to do,

but now the curve round style is coming in big for now and for the future years, we’re gonna see a lot of curved round edges

in furniture, mirrors, doorways even tables… and this style really helps add warmth, creating an inviting space


if you are renovating your house, I would recommend adding an arch pantry door or round accent chairs, or a side table,

it will make it a little more whimsical and definitely on trend for 2022

and that’s it, that is the best and main home decor trends for 2022

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