Best Office Table For Home in 2022

This is our review of the Best office table for homes in 2022

The best office table should be the perfect size for your needs, durable, and produce comfort.

I’m a home designer who researched the Best office table for home working to help you find the best office table for your home.

I found that Snaregade Oval Table is the best office table for home overall.

And Vinsetto Electric standing table best office table for home for long time hours and computer uses

Every home office setup is different, so I’ve included reviews of the best table for every category of office table for home.

Let’s get started 

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Our Best office table for home

7 Best office table for home

Guide to Buying Best office table for home

Which material is best for the office table?

What is the best height for an office table?

What to Look for in a Home Office Desk


Our Verdict

Our Best office table for home working

1- Snaregade Oval Table  (Best office table for home overall)

2- Vinsetto Electric Standing Computer Desk with 4 Memory Button Controls & LED Display (Best office table for home overall for table/desk use) 

3- HOMCOM Computer Table with Small Adjustable Angle Tabletop (best budget office table for home)

4- Atos Table (Best office table for home for an aesthetic style)

5- Snaregade Conference Table (Best office table for home big meetings, multi-use furniture)

6- HOMCOM Computer Desk / Table (Best office table for small home office)

7-Home Office Writing Table for Two Person  (Best office table for home for multi-functional 2 people table/desk)

7 Best office table for home working reviewed

Here is the best office table for home in the market from several big-name retailers.

Snaregade Oval Table 

Best office table for home overall
  • Length: 82.7 inch 
  • Width: 37.4 inch
  • Height: 28.7 inch
  • Materials: Forbo Linoleum or Painted Oak Veneer Tabletop, MDF, Powder Coated Steel Base.
  • Color: Black veneer, charcoal linoleum, dark stained oak
  • Shape: oval
  • Best for: overall

Made with a mix of stained oak veneer and powder-coated steel, it will be highly wear-resistant, no matter what it is used for.

The coating is resistant to flaking, discoloration, scratches, and wear, even when in contact with sunlight and other environmental condition.

Despite the simple design, this series of tables is a real eye-catcher because of the unique design of the leg in combination with a clean and sophisticated table surface.

In addition to being the ideal office table, the oval version, perfect for the kitchen, would be just as perfect as the meeting table and the dining room.

Snaregade Oval Table Is a great size that goes with any work.

This desk table effortlessly brings minimalist Scandinavian style and an aesthetically pleasing look to your space.

Though it has the perfect height, it lacks the option of adjustable legs if you wish to work standing up.

but overall we found that Snaregade Oval Table is the Best office table for home in durability, aesthetics, multi-use, and size, and looks more pricy than its actual price

Vinsetto Electric Standing Computer Desk

Best office table for home overall for table/desk use
  • Overall Size: 53.25″L x 23.5″W x 28.25″-45.75″H
  • Materials: Metal, Particleboard
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Color: Teak, Black/Black
  • Best for: overall for table/desk use 

The Vinsetto Electric Standing Computer table/Desk is one of the most revolutionary standing desk designs we’ve seen in years.

It comes almost completely pre-assembled and set up within minutes without tools.

One problem that people can find in some standing desks is that they can be a little wobbly, especially when expanded to higher levels. 

The Vinsetto table is well stabilized, thanks to adjustable pads.

Vignette Electric Standing Desk comes in two different finishes (black and teak black).

The table can withstand up to 154 pounds (69.7 kg), making it a perfect choice for power users with multiple monitors and heavier workstations.

The keyboard allows you to easily and quickly adjust the office height. 

There are 4 memory presets to store your preferred sitting and standing position.

The office is silent when you move between the heights, and you can lower and lift the office without spilling a cup of coffee.

This table is made of particleboard, which is made of pieces of other wood products, and no further cutting of trees occurs. It is eco-friendly.

However, it expands the chains and discolors when exposed to considerable moisture.

The cable management hole is useful for maintaining your workspace clean.

The downside of this table is that Extra large worktops are not available.

HOMCOM Computer Table

best budget office table for home
  • Length: 47.25 inch 
  • Width: 23.5 inch
  • Height: 30 inch
  • Materials: MDF, Steel
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Color: Oak White
  • Best for: budget

HOMCOM Computer Table has a real ship price in comparison with its quality.

It is manufactured with MDF, which stands for durability and smooth surface, plus the large space on the table and under, giving more comfort in work.

Also, the melamine surface is easily cleaned with a piece of wet fabric.

Small angle settings and low prices are the main features that make this table unique.

The option to adjust the angle to 50 degrees means that HOMCOM Computer can use this desk table perfectly in working paper types.

This angle adjustment is a table for long work hours (to prevent neck pain).

This office table has a Cool elegant presence, which places it in any part of your home and with any chairs, you want to add.

Whether you choose the bright color version or the dark color, booths will have the same presence on your décor.

Suppose you live in a small apartment, a home studio, or on a limited budget. In that case, this advantage desk table is more suitable for you.

However, you must be very cautious for it to last many years.

Due to the materials (MDF), it’s made of, you shouldn’t put liquids on it to avoid swelling and losing its structural properties.

 And you should also, when changing its place, do so carefully to maintain its durability and the safety of its legs.

Atos Table

Best office table for home for an aesthetic style
  • Length: 36 inch 
  • Width: 60 inch
  • Height: 29.73 inch
  • Materials: Glass and Chrome
  • Colors: Top in transparent toughened glass and chromed base, top in transparent toughened glass, base in matt brushed gold.
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Best for: aesthetic style

Atos Table is made with a 10 mm clear tempered glass top table and a Chrome steel base with tapered legs.

Tempered is a strong glass that is six times more resistant than standard glass and makes it very brittle when deposited or cracked by things like keys and coins in handbags and pockets. 

Stylish selection for your home because of its materials, a glass office may seem to give the illusion of additional space when moving into a large space, which gives more space.

When exposed to sunlight, translucent glass can make a beautiful glow and sparkle, illuminating a room.

You should also know that it’s multi-use and can be used as a dining table or an aesthetic complement to your stylish modern living/dining room!

Make this table one of our most popular contemporary and modern glass solutions.

Atos Table has adjustable legs and Seats, so it is even more comfortable in case of long work hours. It can easily seat 4 people at this table.

On the bottom of the Atos is a table where the dust can easily be seen. It stains easily, making cleaning difficult.

Furthermore, cleaning chemicals can create more stains on them. For this reason, it is recommended to use a dry cloth.

Snaregade Conference Table 

  • Length: 78.7 inch 
  • Width: 35.4 inch
  • Height: 28.7 inch
  • Materials: Table top made of painted linoleum, MDF, powder coated steel base.
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Color: black oak, charcoal linoleum, dark stained oak, mushroom linoleum
  • Styles: black steel base, light grey steel base
  • Best for: for big meting and events, and match perfectly with mid-century, Scandinavian styles

Snaregade Conference Table has a Durable finish, easy to clean, and avoids spills damaging the surface and the underlying design.

Wood veneer furniture uses less wood than solid wood furniture and is, therefore, a more affordable option.

In addition, wood veneers are less susceptible to splinters and buckles resulting from a solid wood design.

This large rectangle design uses an array of sophisticated materials. It is manufactured with a center mounting hole, cover, and cable tray to meet power requirements for laptop computers, direct lighting, and mobile phones.

This option guarantees that the surface remains free from electrical outlets and wires clutter.

The Snaregade conference table is available in two different types – natural and solid wood veneers – of equal beauty and with only slight differences in appearance and durability.

Wood veneers are made of thin leaves of natural wood, which are applied on a base of MDF, plywood, or particle board, giving the surface the appearance of solid wood.

Combine them with modern midcentury chairs for a contemporary look or with upholstered stools to bring style to your space, 6-8 chairs.

 Although it’s with high price than the other option, you pay for the quality, originality, and wide purpose uses

HOMCOM Computer Desk / Table

  • Length: 39.25 inch 
  • Width: 19 inch
  • Height: 30 inch
  • Materials: Pinewood, MDF
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: White, Natural
  • Best for small home office

This table has a small shape, making it suitable in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any corner of your home.

Also, this makes her used to decorate a living room or use it as Vanity Makeup Table in your bedroom after finishing your work.

It is manufactured with PM2 (Medium Density Fibre-Board) quality MDF, which offers more stability and durability.

MDF makes the sheet extremely flat and smooth, making it ideal for paint, lamination, or veneer attachment.

A classic combination of stylish colors that never goes out of style, which means it will remain prominently forever.

You can never be wrong when choosing white, for he improves the property in all that he touches; white is a neutral color and is a statement of style in itself!

The drawers’ storage area allows you to store and maintain your files and documents, avoiding clutter.

The bottom side of this nice little table is that the material absorbs water quickly due to the very fine fibers in the board.

 This can cause the MDF to swell and gradually lose its structural properties, so Be careful handling liquids near her.

Home Office Writing Table for Two Person

  • Length: 94.5 inch 
  • Width: 23.5 inch
  • Height: 53.25  inch
  • Single Table Top Size: 47.25“W x 23.5“D
  • Materials: Particle Board, Metal
  • Shape: rectangular
  • color: Black, Brown 
  • Best for: multifunctional 2 people table/desk

Home Office Writing Table has a large work surface with space to put your laptop and other accessories, and it’s an office for 2 people.

Sharing an office can be logical for rooms where people work with a common goal or work in the same department.

 It’s made of a particulate board, which means that with little maintenance, it can last for years; remember to avoid humidity.

The simple and elegant office has unique streamlined lines.

It may also be used as 2 separate offices; an additional shelf includes storing your items. Add one to the workspace and start living effectively.

Another option of this table is that it includes a generous double top surface area and storage space to store and view files, books, photos, illustrations, and desktop items.

This table/desk is Easy to assemble.

The lower side is double workstations tend to weigh more and have a bigger surface area than standard offices.

This makes a move, relocation, or dismantlement process more difficult.

And they achieve better stability when they get together.

Guide to Buying Best office table for home

Guide to Buying Best office table for home

Which material is best for the office table?

First, let’s overview the best types of table materials.

Table MaterialsTypes
WoodSolid Wood, Ply Wood, Bamboo, Cocobolo, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Maple, Ash, Birch, Cedar, Pine, Elm, Teak, Rose, Wood veneer, recycled wood(MDF), wood chips (Particle board), and Medium-density fiberboard.
GlassAnnealed and Tempered
MetalAluminum and Steel

 1- Wood as table Material

The wood office is the most widely used office equipment because of its durability, robustness, and versatility.

Moreover, wood is available in different colors and types, offering great buyer options.

Advantages of Wooden(1) tables
  • Wood can incorporate flex material into any design.
  • The variety of textures, sections, and grains makes it versatile for design.
  • It is compatible with most decorations and interiors.
  • It is durable.
Disadvantages(2) of Wooden tables
  • Waste generation in the manufacture of solid wood tableware.
  • Insect infestation and decomposition.
  • Moisture damage
  • 10-15 years (3)

2-Glass as table Material

Glass is the best office material for those who want an aesthetic appearance on the office table.

Various types of glass are available for furniture; Transparent, tinted, black, or frosted.

The mostly used glasses are of two types Annealed glass and tempered glass.

Annealed glass is an unprocessed glass plate used for sturdy tables, but thinner plates require extra protection.

Tempered Tough glass is a better option for computers than ordinary glass because it is much more solid and less likely to break.

Tempered glass is six times more solid than ordinary glass and is ideal for a computer table/desktop.

It is made of two layers of annealed toughened glass. The outer layer is between 0.5 mm-1 mm in thickness, making it extremely breakable when dropped or cracked by items such as keys and coins in handbags and pockets.

Advantages of Glass(4) table
  • The glass desk offers a professional and aesthetic look that makes it possible to place the glass on any corresponding material inside your space.
  • The glass has lightweight. So, the office can be moved rapidly.
Disadvantages of Glass table
  • Glass tables are less durable than wooden tables, even with metallic frames.
  • It was quite expensive.
  • Dust is readily visible and easy to spread, making cleaning difficult. At the same time, cleaning agents can create more stains on them. 

Glass tables go on for many years; be careful as you move around your glass table desk to avoid accidentally bumping into anything or pushing too hard on its surface.

Metal as Desk Material

Metal tables are also fashionable for their versatility when it comes to design. Such offices are often made of steel, aluminum, or iron.

Metal is often used for furniture feet, tabletops and frames. Metal is also used as the principal material for general office furniture today.

Steel plate is often used for this kind of furniture. 

In the selection of metal furniture, you should take the thickness of the sheet into account. It shouldn’t be too thin because it won’t stand up.

It is hard, durable, and resistant to dents and deformations. Metal furniture is more expensive than wooden furniture but is also more durable.

Advantages of Metal(6) table
  • These desks can last longer than wooden or glass desks with appropriate attention.
  • It is fire resistant, making it secure.
  • The metal is typically durable and scratch resistant.
Disadvantages of Metal(7) table
  • Moving metal desks can sometimes scratch sensitive floors.
  • Some metal offices can be quite heavy.
  • Metal desks come in various shapes, and those with rough extremities can cause injury.
  • It may warm up rapidly and cause discomfort.
  • More than 15 years

What is the best height for an office table?

To offer an ergonomic and visually pleasant sense of level, the average height of the office table for the home is between 28 and 30 inches. (9)

Also known as standard or regular height tables, they are more compatible with chairs, stools, and benches from 18 to 23 inches.

Note: some home office tables have feet that may be slightly elevated as required.

What to Look for in a Home Office Desk


Home offices can be small and work in a shared space, such as a bedroom or living room, or very big for dedicated home offices.

Consider how big your space is and how you plan to use the office. For desktop users, you may need something bigger or with elevators.

Comfort While Working

Although an office should be aesthetic, the employees’ comfort determines the work’s overall productivity.

For example, when a work table is uncomfortable, you avoid sitting for long hours, which could affect the completion of the work.


Height-adjustable desks are ideal for those who want to change from sitting to standing while working.

Other special characteristics of some people include hardwood construction, a stylish look, or elevators that can be moved.

Durability of Desk

The home office supports the weight of laptops/desktops, folders, laptops, speakers, printers, and all equipment needed for work.

As such, sustainability is one of the most important factors affecting the selection of an appropriate office table. What makes the office table durable?

The answer is the desk material. Weak materials make the office unstable or rapidly collapse, which would be an economically and comfortably poor choice.

The Appearance of the Desk

The overall furnishings in the home office, including the office, should match the interior of the home office for a nice perspective.

For example, a wooden table would not correspond to a desk full of metallic furniture.


Where should you put your table?

The perfect place for your office is where you can focus on the job without distractions. For certain people, this involves having a dedicated home office.

Others may work in a shared space, like a bedroom or living room in their house.

One way or another, look at your work and what others may want or need from you as you try to work.

How often should you clean and organize your office table?

It’s nice to keep your office clean and organized as you go; that’s why ample storage space is so high on many people’s lists for a new home office.

At a minimum, try to arrange your office weekly to keep your workflow efficient.

Our Verdict

Our top Best office table for home is the Snaregade Oval Table for a great balance of size, style, and multi-use. 

It works well with any work, keeping your spine aligned, and has plenty of space for your books, files, or other items.  

The Vinsetto Electric Standing Computer table is your best office table for home option for multi-use as a desk or a table. 

It has adjustable height features and a smart tech system to help you in long hours of work. 

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