35 of the best small apartment decor ideas & solutions

Just because you live in a studio or a mini apartment does not mean you should not care about the decor or the layout.

dealing with limited space can be hard. Especially when you want to rhyme practical with aesthetic! But it’s ok we are here for you

Discover our tips for a trendy and functional small apartment decor, without overdoing it! Let’s take a look …

1-white decorative

Painting all your walls white in a small apartment gives you a big advantage:

brightness, a feeling of more space, a more serene atmosphere, and of course marriage with all styles of decoration

as well as colorful furniture or accessories without stifling the room.

Decorative advice:

if the white walls depress you, paint only a piece of wall or use a piece of wallpaper…a simple and cost-effective solution for small apartment decor and to add color without changing everything.

2 – Create a Small Entry

If there is a chance, then you should create a small entry in your studio or apartment.

tip: a strip of wallpaper, a small storage unit for your shoes, or a small carpet will do the trick.

3-beautiful linens

a few details are enough to give a high-end look for small apartment decor. Bed, table, and toilet linen, made from fine materials, can make all the difference.

I recommend you to Choose linen, timeless and elegant, or cotton gauze for its airiness.

Small tip, if your bed is in the main room, select solid colors so that it does not visually take over.

4 –separate space

I know that small apartment decor can be a little hard, especially when we want to separate spaces.

Using furniture and accessories, such as shelves, curtains, or screens…

are the keys to separating the sleeping area from the living room or kitchen.

5 – Carpet in the corner

Remember that the floor can also delimit the different corners and nooks.

Adding a carpet can give boundaries to the living room.


It’s a clever trick to use in a studio or small apartment decor to creatively delineate a space.

With the widespread use of wallpaper, more and more of us are implementing this kind of accommodation.

In addition, we will make it as nice as possible, regardless of the size of our apartment. Here, a very trendy plant wallpaper dresses a corner beautifully

7-aesthetically pleasing bed

in a studio, Living and sleeping together in a room is sometimes not possible.

but if you want to have a beautiful bed and save more space, choose a bed like the one in the picture, very beautiful and trendy

8 – Play on levels

To have sufficient storage without encroaching too much on living spaces…

consider creating levels in the individual room of your apartment.

9-Multiply Boost Lights

In winter, when the weather is gray, it is essential to provide light in a gentle way.

For this, forget the ceiling lights and multiply the secondary lights:

garlands, neons, small auxiliary lamps, and of course candles.

10- Folding Room Divider

Now you own a studio and you want to define the living room, the sleeping area? the room divider is without a doubt the perfect option to make this wish come true.

That way, the corner away from the window still benefits from natural light, while having its privacy.

11-Collecting green plants

Green plants give life to any space. Keep them on the floor, on wall shelves, or on window sills to light up your small apartment decor.

12 –adding a stylish mini sofa

sofas In general are the heart and centerpiece of the living room,

in small apartments, or even in a studio…

it’s an inflatable and modern decor, and It makes it easy for a room to look more spacious

If the space is suitable, it may be preferable to furnish the living room of a small apartment with armchairs rather than a sofa.

13 – small apartment decor furniture

Multifunctional, modular, retractable… furnishing small spaces, combines aesthetics and practicality to save space in each corner.

In the kitchen or dining room, pick a folding table that unfolds if necessary, composed of storage to store cutlery for example.

In the living room, for example…we place a coffee table with wheels or equipped with some drawers to store magazines

or a modern tv table like in the picture

14 – kitchen small apartment decor

Tall furniture tends to weigh down space, especially when it comes to small square meters.

Especially in the kitchen, choose lighter shelves than pedestals, to store your meals or dry food slipped into pots.

15 – Fit a storage wall to the ceiling

A storage wall in a little space or under the attic, yes, but not at all! As for shelves in the living room, choose open furniture. They.

Will be able to host a mix of your favorite books, trinkets, photos, green plants, etc… And if you want to hide some stuff, just add some nice boxes or baskets.

16 –storage

To avoid disorder in the four corners of your studio or small apartment decor, it is vital to use the storage tips.

But watch out that your storage furniture does not take up all the space, both side square meters and visually.

17-Traditional touches

To create an atmosphere to your taste and especially different from that of others,

think also to looking for some old pieces that will bring character and uniqueness to your interior.

A Scandinavian dresser from the 1950s, a Parisian buffet in the countryside, or a vase from the 1980s.

Allow yourself to be seduced by songs that already have a history.

18– Add a boho touch

A nice round mirror, fine wall shelves to place cactus, hooks to hang hats, and a super comfortable bench with pillows and a faux fur rug.

Plenty of great decoration ideas to create boho Warm small apartment decor which so suitable for small apartment

19- XXL mirror

It’s the decorating thing that always works! A large mirror is simply hung on the wall to give a sense of place in a small apartment.

The mirror will also bring light to this room which tends to burn out.

20-Create illusion with original wallpaper

The trendy wallpaper allows you to go from an ordinary entrance to your amazing apartment! Although space is always small, the illusion makes us forget the lack of space.

21-Install a library

If you no longer know where to store your books and the size of your living room allow it, you can imagine a library on the whole width of the wall.

22- Large entrance closet

Even in a small entrance, you can integrate a good number of closets and adjust the storage as required. There is a very functional entrance with storage for shoes and coats, a large mirror, and an area for small businesses or accessories. In height, you can imagine storing papers or shoes that you wear less frequently for example.

23-use all possible spaces

In small apartment decor, every square centimeter must be carefully designed to increase efficiency.

if your space underneath the stairs is lost.

Then you should definitely turn it into a little locker room.

now There is a lot of manufacturer offering suitable solutions for these “lost” spaces.

24 – Place a neutral carpet on the floor

Nothing like a nice carpet to give a comfortable and warm side to a room.

you should go for the simple clean color mat. If you have a small living room

25- small apartment decor curtains

Remember that one must be light at all costs. Fine, soft, and lightweight curtains will give the room a breathable

Be cautious when choosing the color and material, with cotton and linen at the top of the list, of your future curtains.

Also, make sure that the fabric is long enough to caress the floor.

giving a feeling of height to the room, while thick fabrics can cause a feeling of heaviness.

if you want you can take a closer look at how to choose curtains

26- small apartment decor Lights

When you have a small room, it is important to have plenty of light. A darkroom feels even smaller than it does.

In a living room, the idea is to have several types of luminaries to achieve balanced lighting, neither too discreet, nor too aggressive. To avoid taking up too much floor space, consider overhead and wall fixtures.

27-Hang and flower pots

A small apartment often means you have a small balcony…

The balcony straps and a wooden board make a small hanging shelf, a great idea for small apartment decor

With balcony straps and a simple wooden board.

you can easily and quickly make practical shelves for disposing of a small balcony and make it beautiful.

28- Painted ceiling

paint your ceiling or covering it with wallpaper is One of the most effective things you can do,

these steps create the illusion that the ceiling Is higher making your space feel bigger,

choose a light color for the paint or wallpaper and make sure it works well with the entire design

29- Lighted colors

For a more spacious apartment look, change the color of your floors to lighter shades.

the idea is they will reflect more light and make your space look airy

30-transparent furniture

Reaching here means that now You know that more light creates more space,

Based on that you should consider changing some of your tables and chairs to transparent ones.

it takes less visual space and reflects light plus they are very classy so they give an elegant touché to your apartment

31- Small rugs to separate rooms

You can also use rugs to separate areas from each other

, this work great especially in the studio, the idea here is to create the illusion that there is more space

32- Furniture visible legs

Choose furniture with visible legs, exposed legs create space between the floor and the furniture,

allowing more light to enter the room.

33-mirrors facing window

Its age-old trick has proven to make space look bigger, by putting them across windows they will reflect the light

34- Same flooring

Having different flooring style make a space look smaller,

but if you have the same type of flooring all over the apartment it will create a flow effect making your space look larger,

of course, exclude the bathroom or your kitchen if you want

35- Virtual wall décor

You can add a vertical decoration to expand your space, adding that this empathizes height.

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