50+ of best small bathroom decor ideas you will love

This article will help you see small bathroom decor ideas more clearly. How to make a small bathroom stylish, even if you don’t have very much space
Designing a small bathroom requires great ideas, tips and inspiration, Discover below examples in photos of different bathroom styles (modern, classic, design, etc…) to help you set up your own.

1-Minimalist style

Tips: Put up a clear wall to create a feeling of space.
For modern small bathroom decor ideas, forget all the frills and heavy furniture, too bulky. Take inspiration from minimalist Japanese and Scandinavian designs:

the lines are straight, the materials simple (such as mirrors or storage),

an elegant classic white or grey flooring completes the set and highlights the lines. Design furniture, trendy tiles, timeless colors, lightness… Forget granny bathrooms and opt for the latest design trends for a modern bathroom.

2-Rounded edges

Tip: Rounding off corners in a small bathroom is a lot more comfortable!
Highly elegant, this bathroom plays with rounded corners and furnishings for intelligent disposal.

3-Trendy wallpaper

There is more than just paint to transform the small bathroom, choose a wallpaper that you truly love to customize your room.
Small bathrooms often lack character, problems is resolved with the installation of wallpaper! Choose a wallpaper adapted to the bathroom

4-Focus on details

Tip: If you’re renovating a small bathroom, concentrate on the details to make it comfortable.
Keep it simple, but invest in details that matter and choose high-quality accessories

5- small bathroom decor ideas furniture

The problem with small bathrooms is always about space to install furniture, to store all your belongings in your small bathroom, to solve this, choose a simple, small easy-to-move storage furniture. This is a very suitable solution if you don’t have a lot of cosmetics.

6-hanging storage

very Practical for small bathroom decor ideas, hanging storage is great for small bathrooms.

7-Touches of gold

Choose bathroom accessories in gilded brass (toothbrush holder, towel holder, storage boxes, etc….)
In a traditional bathroom… adding metal or gold touches is a solution to make it more fashionable and one of the key accessories of a classy small bathroom decor ideas.

8-same wall and flooring

Using the same tiles on the wall as in-floor gives more feeling of space.

9- Space-saving door

Choose a curved door, which glides through the wall without taking up space.

10-Subway tile

Give the illusion of a room bigger than it really is. Choose a white model, very classic. To create a small but contemporary bathroom.

11- A hanging vanity

A hanging vanity will help you save space, by being left free; it can be optimized with storage baskets to slide into bathroom linens or cosmetics.

12- small bathroom decor ideas for wall

Avoid having all walls of similar style in a small bathroom that lacks character.

13- A small bathroom decor ideas with a bath and shower

Why choose between bath and shower when you can have both, it is possible to have both in a small bathroom! Each space must be exploited to maximize development potential.

A bath, shower, toilet and sink, large wall mirrors, storage niches… you can have all that without giving up your desires!

14- Same tile on all walls

I would recommend you to choose a tile that is bright enough to gain brightness and get a deep impression, For example, a white tile is very classic. Luminous, it highlights the different elements of the bathroom, while giving an impression of length and depth.

15- boho-style small bathroom decor ideas

The boho style brings warmth to a small bathroom, without overloading the whole. Think about this trend in particular for bathroom decoration elements… such as storage, towels, or even lighting.

16- open shower

Whether it is Italian-style, in the cabin, or in a simple tub… the open shower is a great alternative to classic showers for a small and narrow bathroom.
Use a waterjet with a head-up, rather than a shower, to avoid ending up with a flooded room after each shower.

17- Small shower in the attic

The attic features extra spaces to enlarge the house. But the under-slope can sometimes cause space issues. Avoid partitioning the room to keep it bright and create an open shower.

18- A roof window

If you prefer a closed shower, the roof window ensures good brightness, essential for a great impression small bathroom decor ideas

19- Shower Tile with Pattern

With a minimalist decoration, that can add a touch of decor to the shower cabin by tiling a walk-in shower with cement tiles or a colorful mosaic.

20- A small niche in the shower

The shower niche is a practical way to add storage space, without clutter. It’s just simply a design storage solution

21- Small bathtub on legs

The bathtub on its legs gives the impression of a very fancy simple bathtub. Installed on wooden floors or transparent tiles, the optical illusion works perfectly!

22 – Storage furniture in the tub extension

In small bathrooms, the smallest square meter should be used intelligently. So In order not to lose the space use this modern solution

23- Custom wall shelves

Use custom wall shelves that make the perfect fit for your bathroom. Think about it, they are becoming more and more affordable!
Remember to use the spaces on the walls to create niches or install storage for your cosmetics and toiletries.

24- small bathroom decor ideas layout

In small spaces, the simplest layouts are the most effective. Rounded shapes take up less space, especially in room corners. So use a simple arrangement of your small bathroom in order to save space and install a small bathtub.

25- Bathtub in the shower stall

if you have a long bathroom, you can install the shower and bath in the same place.
You have two solutions:
Either have two separate pieces of equipment with a bath and an open shower like a small Italian bathroom Or go with a shower and bath.

26- Rounded tub

Add Parisian touches to your small bathroom decor while saving space, use round tubs, and put wall shelves on top.

27- Wall storage for products

The bathroom is like any small room of the house, when you run out of floor space, think vertically. Wall storage, such as shelves or cabinets, is a solution to save storage space without adding extra space to a small room.

28- Bathtub on the vanity

The Bathtub can be fitted into the dressing table to save space. Create a 2-in-1 piece of furniture that combines a Bathtub with a sink in a small space.

29- Toilet and sink combine

Toilet and sink combined are a solution to save space and money, plus they reduce water consumption.

30- small bathroom decor ideas Pop colors

Who says no color is allowed in small bathrooms?

Whether it is the floor, wallpaper, or paint, Things in the bathrooms is that most of the components are white.

This allows to dare some fantasies on the walls or the ground, by adding some pop colors. without the whole is overloaded. Yet, make sure that colors are complementary to maintain consistency.

31- Small vintage bathroom

Yes, you heard me, bring out your favorite colors, and customize your little bathroom.
A small bath with your favorite color on the walls. And adding to its golden details!

32- Color contrast

Use a contrasting color on shelves and closets in the room. Those are going to be highlighted. This contrast works perfectly in a bathroom decorated in a classical style

33- Colorful curtain

Tip: Opt for an easy-to-clean and maintain fabric shower curtain.
the Colorful shower curtain is a decorative feature that lets you add color to the bathroom.
You can peek it according to your desires, the style of decoration that you want to have or even decorating trends.

34- Brightly colored furniture

In a small bathroom, bright colors, add a Bohemian touch to the space. Don’t be afraid to select 2 or 3 pieces of furniture maximum in bright colors, to adapt to your bathroom all white. And put your art touché

35- Vintage Tile

It is a wonderful and classy solution to decorate a small bathroom without being afraid to get bored of the selected color.

36- Add Plants

Adding plants to small bathroom décor is suited to the humid atmosphere of a bathroom without a window.
Placed on shelves… windowsill or on the ground, in a basket. indoor plants are a very easy way to bring color into a small bathroom with a small budget.

37- Place the washing machine

The washing machine is closer to the bathroom. Even in small ones! With some tricks, your machine will adapt perfectly to your reduced space.
On top of the machine, set up a work area to save space. It is used to store your cosmetics.
Choose a washing machine that fits visually into your decor.

38- Mini laundry room in the small bathroom

Above the washing machine, Set up open little wooden shelves to store your household products, linen, etc…Also, provide a few storage boxes with it

39- Bathroom Hotel Inspiration

Let yourself be inspired by boutique hotels that often propose original concepts. Futuristic decor, pop colors, and a bathroom open in the room.

40- Add art

Some Paintings art of Nature can add character to a small bathroom

41- Place the essentials parts

By keeping only the essentials, the accessories that you really like and the ones that are useful. You are saving a lot of space and adding minimal touché at the same time

42- Sink Surface

No space to install new storage in your small bathroom? Then you should think about starting using the surface on the sink

43- Baskets under furniture

Baskets under the furniture can take up space! Use it to store the accessories or place the toilet paper rolls

44- Large rounded mirror

Put a large mirror to give a feeling of space in your small bathroom.

45- Lighting

Focus on Lighting, especially if you have a mini bathroom.

46- A ladder for storage

Besides being a trendy look, adding a ladder in the bathroom is a very practical accessory for storing towels or even hanging accessories. And Easy to move also

47-add rug

In small places, your rug is a big opportunity to communicate the style you want to convey

48- Towel bar

It is a brilliant idea, you should not let the bathroom door become vacant, you have to use all the space in a small bathroom, this the best you could do if you have a thick door in your bathroom

49- How to decorate a small bathroom?

The bathroom must be practical and stylish. In a small space, we often find the necessary, but This is not a reason to neglect the decoration
As an example, you can optimize the layout of your bathroom, according to your desires and what you love. Some smart furnishings like corner toilets or built-in hand washers… small bathtubs or even Italian showers save space.

50- small bathroom decor ideas For smaller budgets?

For smaller budgets, I would recommend you to think about… storage, shower curtains, linens, or plants to make your small bathroom a modern bathroom.
Yet, keep one thought in mind when you are decorating, that little bathrooms must be bright and functional.

51- Inspirational small bathroom decor ideas color

  • If it is limited, then choose the colors that will reflect the light.
  • If your small bathroom is very bright, then you can choose a darker color!

52- Which tile to choose for a small bathroom decor ideas?

  • If you are looking for a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your small bathroom, you can place small tiles.
  • If you want more space effect, select large tiles.

Now after you read this, it should be clear in your mind that small bathrooms are great to add several decoration styles and ideas, Whether you are building or renovating, pick from among the +50 small bathroom decor ideas presented in this article to decorate this essential room in the house.

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