12 powerful Home Decor Color Trends 2022 and how to apply them easily

Bold and comforting colors for home decor color trends 2022: these are what the trend specialists have been talking about for this year.

The home decor color trend 2022 is mainly inspired by nature.

What are the preferred tones in your home in 2022, and how do you adopt them, associate them, and highlight them? Let’s dive in

1-Sage green

Home Decor Color Trends 2022

Paint manufacturers have all highlighted sage green as the trendiest color in 2022. Sage green corresponds to this return to nature, to bring comfort to homes after difficult years.

How to apply it

Sage green gives a new lease of life to your decor, inspired by nature and seductive.

To adopt it without repainting the walls, there are several ways, for example, choose a cotton percale duvet cover for your bedroom, cushion covers to makeover your sofa, or a curtain to dress your windows.


His success does not seem to be denied this year, instead! Evoking the hues of nature, warm and cheerful at the same time.

available in multiple shades as well as in all densities, he ticks all the boxes of home decor color trends 2022.

We can therefore find it in more or less saturated ochre versions that give strength to the decors.

Finally, the terracotta is gaining ground in our interior décor and is now found in all rooms.

In more pink tones, it is softer and brighter.

How to apply it

The terracotta color has a great ability to improve the neutral shades of wood and vegetable fibers that invest in today’s interiors.

You can adapt it by painting your living room and mixing it with brown furniture or adding a colorful small ceramic wall shelf, practical and decorative.

3-Quiet green

Like the two colors before, This trendy color also takes inspiration from nature. is a soft and quiet green with natural wood tones, white.

The purpose of this color: is to convey a casual atmosphere inside.

How to apply it

You can use it in the bedroom, the living room, or the bathroom, 

The quiet green, in general, is perfect for rooms that need a cozy atmosphere, so for that, he may also find his place in the kitchen.

To adopt it without repainting, think of a colorful cover for your furniture like in this photo, or choose to color to warm your floors with carpet.

4-Horizon blue

The bright blue horizon creates a sense of optimism for home decor color trends 2022.

Same here, we find this inspiration from nature and of the exterior, which we seek more and more to bring inside, it is a strong decorative trend for this year.

The blue color horizon brings a peaceful feeling, like fresh air coming into the rooms of the house for a new breath, a new story.

How to apply it

The thing about the blue horizon is that adopt it with any color, any colorful furniture, and whatever the room to paint it with.

5- dark eggplant

If you are a dark color lover, then the eggplant color trend is for you. It’s deep and adds a touch of sensuality to the inside.

How to apply it

The eggplant color in its dark and deep shade brings a very refined touch to the interior.

 so I would say it is particularly suitable for the living room.

Apply it with a colorful carpet, a small table, or on the wall behind the TV

6-earthy brown

It is very earthy and dense; evoking wood and warm colors. Its attractive effect provides stability and calmness.

How to apply it

This home trend color provides a warm and comforting envelope for rooms that need a comfortable atmosphere.

Apply it with decorative cushions on your sofa, brown metal vases, or a small mat rug in your entrance.

7-Grey green

Grey with a touch of green; gives us trendy organic paint, which comforts us.

 And is perfect for quiet spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Grey-green spread positive energy all over the place.

How to apply it

 Like I said the grey-green color brings comfort and positive energy to the rooms

Apply it by painting the walls, or replace your curtains with colorful Grey-green to give the living room a makeover.

Small tip: painting your living room with grey-green and adding a touch of yellow to furniture will bring a character to the room especially if you have a small apartment

8- Avocado color

The color avocado has already been in fashion in the kitchen for many years; now we will find it more on the walls, one of the best home decor color trends 2022 from many manufacturers.

This choice may seem surprising because this color is relatively dense, but it also provides a healthy dose of mental health.

How to apply it

The color avocado is energy and comfort, so for that, we adore to use it in the home office space or in the living room

To Apply it consider To add indoor plants, even artificial ones.

and for the kitchen, this color is perfectly combined with white credence.

9- olive green

Yes, as you see more green… Will we get tired of choosing the next paintings in 2022? Designers all depend on the power of seduction, and so variations multiply to have the choice.

This olive green, one of the home decor color trends 2022, also evokes a nearly grey shade. This olive green also provides a feeling of resiliency, in addition to comfort.

How to apply it

The olive green trend color is upbeat, symbolizing renewal and well-being at home.

To apply it remember to add indoor plants

10- Rose nude color

It is soft and natural; this rose color offers a vintage and romantic view that goes perfectly with natural materials.

Nothing prevents us to introduce more frank shades of rose in our home decor color trends 2022, provided they are associated with elements of authentic spirit.

How to apply it

The home decor color trends 2022 nude pink color is special because it combines the essential terracotta of which it is a sort of natural extension, as well as all shades of brown.

To adopt it without repainting the walls, drop this pretty color on the furniture in your living room. Or for painting bathroom closets.

11- Bright yellow

With its ability to brighten the decor, yellow has something irreplaceable.

Unlike relaxing colors, this vitamin yellow contrasts with a touch of light and optimism.

Combined with gray, it is one of the trendy colors of recent years. This is a brilliant and sparkling yellow that is being proposed. And keeping comfort also,

This color has warmed our hearts over the years 2020 and 2021 quite complicated.

And it’s still coming this year with a spicy version, sometimes pulling on the green in a mustard tint, or even on the gold.

How to apply it

The power of yellow is mixed with gray, to offer a neutral and timeless shade, for a cheerful and serene ambiance in the room.

You can choose this color for your bedroom for example and use it on pillows, or for cozy decor living room

12- Brown

The brown color is nearly found in every decoration item in 2022, Browns are particularly well-matched with yellow, which also is on home decor color trends 2022.

How to apply it

The brown color represents balance, confidence, and comfort.

 Combine brown color with white furniture, or with round edges, cheers which are also very trendy will do the trick.

Important notice about home decor color trends 2022

These trendy colors are great inspirations but don’t follow them literally

Customize your interior according to your desires and wishes,

not according to the magazines or current trends; it is the key to well-being at home!

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home decor color trends 2022

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