Best Home Office Design: 11 Ways on How to create a home office space

Homeworking is becoming more and more essential every year; however, this requires some tricks and tips on how to create a proper home office design.

In contrast to the place of work, which is only dedicated to our profession, the house is above all a place of life for the whole family.

And If working from home has become your norm, this article will help.

Discover how to create a real workspace at home, without interfering with your daily life.

Tricks tested and approved by much of the modernhomlydecor team!

1 – Home office design location

2 – Home office design in the living room.

3 – Home office design in the bedroom

4 – Home office design in small spaces

5 – Choose a good office chair

6 – Install Storage

7 – Home office design lighting

8 – Add plants all over the place

9 – Add your touch

10 – Write notes

11 – Planning and organizing your days

12 – Final conclusion about home office design

1 – Home office design location

I know that sounds obvious, but who has never worked from their couch or corner of the kitchen table during the pandemic?

Whether it’s for everyday work or even 1-hour work, you need a space to do your work in, especially in these modern times

Home office or small work area, name it whatever you like, but no doubt he is becoming an essential part of our homes year after year

And don’t worry, you do not need to dedicate a special room for it, with little furnishing and some organization tips, and you’ll have a perfect home office design

2 – Home office design in the living room.

Since the living room is the biggest room in the home in general, then this makes it perfect to set up our office there, but only if you can work there quietly

And for this option, we have many ideas for creating a work area,

There are many options for creating a workspace here.

The first is simply to integrate your office as an important element in your living room.

With a modular set of course, like adding a big bookcase as storage, this will make the office merges into all decoration.

The second choice is to consider investing in a small office,

their small dimension design makes them perfect for working space, and suitable to you for not taking up too much space in the living room area,

They are unnoticed, once the work is ended.

Finally, if you decide to make a part of your living room as your home office.

I would recommend you to Use a screen, canopy, or library to separate the space between your desk and the entire room.

Then we choose a big desk, with storage and all kinds of stuff. It will be perfect for you especially if you spent days working from home.

3 – Home office design in the bedroom

This room in the house gives us silence,

therefore it’s a great option for your work, the bedroom gives you the opportunity to self-isolate yourself to concentrate on work or for online meeting

As is a room that is usually for sleep and relaxation, I recommend you to set up a space-saving office.

He can keep a low profile at night when he goes to bed.

Or you can choose a multi-use cabinet, such as a vanity. We prepare for it in the morning, before settling into work!

4 – Home office design in small spaces

Think about empty space! Like the hallway for example

This is also considered a good option if you don’t want to set up your home office in the living room

Plus being a place of passage, he may have other roles in the house. On condition to arrange it by being clever!

If you prefer a pleasant workplace, the glass desk is a good alternative.

It allows you to put it in a hallway or entry, or even be used as an extra storage unit.

The glass desk is long enough to set up your computer and stuff.

Note: It is a solution that should be considered if you only need to work from home from time to time.

5 – Choose a good office chair

No matter where you create your home office, there is one golden rule to remember: choose a suitable chair!

Whether you work for a week, all day, or just a few hours, you should be comfortable during that.

After been choosing the office that is suitable for your needs and thoughts, you should give the same importance to the office chair

If not, then be ready for backaches, tendonitis, and other discomforts!

Chair With wheels or to match your theme decor, need to be chosen carefully.

Tip: the best option is to choose a model with adjustable height, to install properly in front of your computer.

6 – Install Storage

Another rule for a perfectly arranged home office is storage.

Shelves, hanging, libraries… Whatever system you choose, you have to ensure that it’s practical and lets you have all your working elements at your fingertips.

If you are facing limited space, then I would recommend you install wall shelves and other storage items on the wall.

The benefits of them are to free up space on the ground while allowing you to have a nice home office to organize your work properly.

7 Home office design lighting

After we choose the place for our home office and their furniture, now it comes to accessories

Work at home can have different hours, some of us enjoy working during office hours, and some enjoy working late at night

So it’s important to add a beautiful light to your space

And even if you are day hours worker, you steel need that, you know when winter is here, days become very short and it is essential to have a bright light.

8 Add plants all over the place

The green environment home trend has been in fashion for several years and for good reason of course!

Besides a beautifully decorating touch to the place, there are other advantages as well, such as a renewal of the air, a purification of the air, and a relaxing side.

And that is exactly what we need during the important hours of work

So feel free to add some plants to your home office and place them in nice leather pots.

Tip: Surfing the plant’s trend will help create a stylish design and a super healthy work office.

9 Add your touch

If you still have a little space left, between your computer, your books, and your work elements, try to decorate your office to customize it even more!

There are several kinds of accessories that add elegance to your space, for example, a nice scented candle, a designer cup to place your coffee, a gorgeous bookend, or a great clock

10 Write notes

Working from home is not very different from a regular office, and that includes taking notes in notebooks, Scribbling information, and organizing it into a pleasant program.

so you should go for that.

adding a notebook to your workspace at home is a good thing to  organize your work and create an enjoyable atmosphere

11 Planning and organizing your days

Having an overview of the schedule of our days, weeks, or even the entire month has great importance to organize ourselves and make the most of our work time.

You have the choice to do this wherever you like, Either you choose the traditional calendar or in a modern way by hanging stickers on the wall.

12 – Final conclusion about home office design

Creating, furnishing, and decorating your independent home office space is fun! And as we see, the are many possibilities …

What it’s important to choose is a quiet place in your home and take care of your body, By that, we mean good support for your back, a pleasant ambient air, and an atmosphere conducive to concentration

Of course, design can always be part of the game, you just have to shop at the right brands and find accessories that you love.

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