19 Important Tips on How To Choose Curtains

If you have got overwhelmed with window covering, Particularly the curtains, what to do, and how to match your curtains to the style of your interior, then stick with me

Materials, lengths, colors, styles… there are so many possible combinations that you get lost

Discover 19 tips on how to choose curtains and meet your need while bringing a touch of decor to your interior

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How To Choose Curtains type?

Your selection of curtains depends on your room and usage.
Of course, you have different expectations about curtains that differ according to each room. For example, the curtains in your bedroom are not the same as those in the living room. , there are different types of blinds to suit everyone’s needs.

1-Blackout curtains

blackout curtain

If you want to block out the light or isolate yourself from the cold or heat, you should choose the blackout or insulating blinds. It preserves your privacy and provides a sense of comfort. You have to choose it in a room without shutters.

2 – veil curtains

veil curtain

But, if you want to let in the light, select the veil curtains instead. They dress the windows and protect the exterior looks. It is suitable for a bedroom with shutters or in the living room.

3 – The thread curtains


Some more original curtains can have only aesthetic roles.

4- veil + curtains

thread curtain

It is also possible to combine a veil with curtains. During the day, you can keep the view on your inside while letting in the light with the veil. At night, look for greater privacy with thicker curtains.

5- Traditional curtains

Traditional are comfortable because they regulate the light and protect the view.
How to choose the size of your curtains?
Of course, the technical aspect must be taken into account based on the size of your window, but it is also a matter of taste.

How To Choose Curtains Size?

Of course, you have to take into account the technical aspect depending on the size of your window, but it’s also a matter of taste.

6- The width: the ripple effect

To choose the width of the curtain, count one and a half times the size of your rod or two times for a more comfortable look with more ripple.

7 – The length: “the perfect fall”

Here too, you have the choice: fitted curtains that fall 1 cm from the ground or longer curtains that sweep the ground. For the latter, more regular maintenance is required.

How To Choose Curtains ties?

8 – Carnations: timeless and refined

timeless and refined

Very common and practical, the nails glide on the penis. It offers smooth undulations and a contemporary view of your decor. Use this type of stabilizer when opening and closing your curtains on a regular basis.

9 – Kronill Gathering Heading

for elegant interiors

This finish highlights the pleats of your curtains according to the spacing you want. This pendant system adapts to a stylish or romantic living room or bedroom.

10 – Legs

There are several types: single, double, pompon or buttons. The legs are decorative. I recommend you if you rarely manipulate your curtains.

11 – small balloon curtains

These are small ribbons that tie around the rod. I like them because of their very decorative style and aesthetics.
Choose this system if your curtains are closed or if your curtain is used to partition a space.

12 – Rings with clips

They are more and more appreciated. Like carnations, they help with the opening and closing of curtains. Besides, it is possible to unhook his curtains to ensure their maintenance. This finish is well suited for thin and lightweight textiles.

How To Choose Curtains color?

Curtains are essential elements to boost your home decor. To keep your decor harmonious, your curtains must match the style and atmosphere of your room.
To choose the color of your curtains, take into account the color of your walls. Favor light colors for small surfaces to give them a sense of magnification. Allow yourself more frank colors for the big rooms bathed in light.

13 – Patterns to revive your decoration

Choose curtains that recall the tones or patterns of the small elements of your decoration, such as a cushion or vase for example.
Book patterned curtains for large bright rooms so you don’t weigh down your decor.

14 – Bright colors to give some pep

You can play with trendy colors to create contrast if the rest of your decoration is sober. Bright colors are a great idea to give a little depth to the piece.

15 – colorful curtains

it’s perfect for Scandinavian decor

You want colorful curtains but prefer discreet shades. How about a pastel curtain to make your room soft?

16 – graphic shapes for a graphic interior

Graphic and colorful curtains match solid colors. Geometrical shapes are sure to add character to your windows.

How To Choose Curtains material?

Linen, velour, cotton… the possibilities are varied. It depends on the style you want to bring to your room.
For a stylish look, natural and silky materials like linen or velour.
On smaller budgets, there are also synthetic materials like polyester.

17 – Linen: refined and natural

The linen curtains are very light and airy.

18 – Cotton: soft and matte

Cotton is also a recommended material for natural decoration. It is suitable for all types of decoration depending on their thickness.

19 – velour: chic and warm

If you want to heat the atmosphere and have a comforting effect… it is preferable to prefer the velour curtains. It is a thick fabric, which beyond the style, allows hiding the light. They are adapted in a room of Art Deco style.

Tips On How To Choose Curtains

Curtains have an important role in every room of the house. They completely change the atmosphere and style of a room. Picking the right ones is a tricky thing to do. The offer is vast. Linen, velour, cotton: every fabric brings its effect. Plain or patterned, colored or neutral, adjusted or longer, there is something for everyone.
Before purchasing your curtains…write down your specifications and ask yourself questions about your needs and wants.

One last piece of advice :

take the time to take your measurements correctly so as not to have any unpleasant surprises when installing your curtains! Now it’s up to you to choose the perfect model for your interior.

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