Natural Lighting Home Design: The Important Reasons that you need to have it

Using a design that lets natural lighting get in is an important component of modern homes.

Learn more about natural lighting home design including its benefits, why modern homes use it, and tips on how you get the maximum use of it

What is Natural Lighting Home Design?

Natural Lighting Home Design means taking advantage of the reflection of daylight in all its cases and avoiding as much as possible from artificial lighting inside the house.  

This is done using some tips and household items such as windows.

Skylights and furniture, to get the most out of the features of natural lighting and get a modern and attractive appearance

Why modern homes use Natural Lighting Home Design

Natural light supports some of the components of the modern home design, which are:


One of the reasons modern homes focus on Natural Lighting Home Design is purely aesthetic: No matter how, when, and what rooms make use of it…

The advantage of Natural Lighting Home Design is to achieve a beautiful array of effects inside the home.

In its simplest form, it provides beautiful ambient lighting that emphasizes the simplicity of modern home design

Spaces, colors, and furniture:

Natural light, when used in a smart way, can positively affect the elements of a modern home.

For example, the reflection of natural light energizes the space and gives it touche simplicity, warms up neutral colors or makes it less saturated depending on what side he gets in, and reflects the true beauty of furniture and curtains.


Another reason to use Natural Lighting Home Design in modern homes is that it makes us feel better. This is one of the reasons that made modern home designers in the sixties focus on it.

As human beings, the nature of our bodies interacts with the sun and its light. Our activity and interaction depend on the sunrise and sunset;

That is why it is natural to make sure that we are in a good mood during the day when there are many activities among family members.


The more natural light in a home’s design, the fewer energy residents need to light and heat the home, reducing the carbon emissions around us.

However, the drive for utility does not mean that we maximize natural light. We must find a smart design that balances the benefit of natural sunlight while protecting it from the sun’s rays as well

Natural Lighting Home Design importance

Healthy reasons:

External light activates the biological clock, specifically the production of hormones that help with activity, alertness, mood, and sleep-wake cycles…

Studies of say that reducing exposure to external light affects the biological cycle of living organisms and can cause depression, insomnia, and digestive disorders…

That’s why designers work to create a healthy home environment, not just aesthetics.

Energy Savings

With the increasing calls of international organizations on the need to save energy, and the growing problems of the environment.

Now more than ever, we must provide energy sources and work to increase the use of natural energy.

This is what is afforded us by the Natural Lighting Home Design that allows the maximum use of external light and the rationalization of the consumption of artificial lights


The reflection of natural light on spaces and objects reflects a lot of beauty, and that’s why it’s considered a very good option for architectural design…

 Simply because natural lighting systems increase the aesthetics of the building.

How to get natural lighting in your home design?

Floor to ceiling windows

One of the main ways to get outdoor lighting is with floor-to-ceiling windows, especially if you’re using an open floor plan…

Simply its idea is to use more exposed glass to get the most amount of light.


Natural Lighting Home Design skylight

Skylights are a very effective way to get the outside light beautifully.

Skylights give you so many options that they are available in a range of sizes and configurations.

Skylights are used more often in bathrooms. Bedrooms and kitchen.

 You have to know that the skylights require a professional to install them because the process of installing them is a little complicated and also in order to ensure the maximum benefit from them.

Solar tube

Don’t have a roof type that can accommodate a skylight? You have another option. It is a solar tube.

 With its smart installation, solar tubes can travel up to 35 feet from ceiling to ceiling and bring in outdoor light.

They come in plenty of sizes from 10″ to 15″ in diameter and require no reconditioning of drywall, paint, or bodywork.

Solar tubes are distinguished by the fact that the smallest tube of them is equivalent to the equivalent of three 100-watt light bulbs.

It is an excellent choice in Natural Lighting Home Design due to its environmental friendliness.


Natural Lighting Home Design furniture

To ensure a perfect and beautiful reflection of the outside light in your home, make sure to choose light-colored furniture for the sofas or glass and chrome furniture for the chairs and for the home office table…

 These options, in addition to curtains that allow light in, with some beautiful pillows and mirrored accents, will ensure a better reflection of light and a beautiful modern décor as well.

Light Bulb with natural lights

Using LED bulb lights allows you to increase the amount of light your home gets,  Especially in some corners where the light doesn’t reach enough.

Installing modern bulb-led lights with their technology gives better control over the lighting of the house, especially as the levels of natural light change throughout the hours of the day.

Tips to maximize natural light in your home

Washing windows:

This may seem basic to you, but regular cleaning of the windows inside and out has the effect of ensuring that light reaches the entire room.

 Glass windows can carry a lot of dirt without us noticing. If you want to make sure, look at the cloth you used to clean it.

Choose perfect flooring:

Flooring also has a role in reflecting light. So be sure to choose a wood, or ceramic with pastel tones, If you like rugs for your flooring go for neutral colors as well.

Choose the Right Color:

As we all learned from school, one of the characteristics of colors is that they may reflect or absorb light.

Depending on this, you must ensure to use neutral colors if you want to get a bright room and stay away from dark colors that absorb light.

Do not forget about the fifth wall “ceiling”, your choice of a light color to paint it will add beautiful lighting and a sense of more spacious as well.

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