Open Floor Plan Modern Homes – The Plan That every one Love To Have

When it comes to home floor plans, there are three types of layouts: open floor plan, closed floor plan, and semi-open floor plan.

Each layout has its characteristics, mood, and feeling.

Learn about open floor plan modern homes, including advantages, disadvantages, and configuration.

What Is an Open Floor Plan?

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a floor plan characterized by a large open space, an open plan is a unique environment, which has no dividing walls or structural elements.

 In open floor plan modern homes there is at least one large open room that connects a small area with different items and furniture

The open space is the better solution to organize your space if you want to live in a functional way and share every aspect of your daily life.

The most common open floor plan modern homes are the living room, dining room, and kitchen open plan layout.

Open Floor modern homes Configurations

When we say about Open floor plan modern homes is a large open room that connects areas with each other doesn’t mean involves private’s rooms like a bath, bedroom, or homes office.

 Most open floor plans focus on producing a combination between the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Kitchen/dining/living room:

kitchen/dining/livingroom open floor plan

 This option is more suitable for larger spaces houses.

 There are many ideas on how to achieve an open Kitchen, dining, and living room plan without risking the overlook of your decorations.

And one of the effective tricks is to choose the same flooring for all 3 areas – the kitchen, dining area, and living room.

Kitchen and dining room:

The kitchen and dining room it’s the most common combinations because they mostly share the same purpose.

 so it is very natural to see this a lot, for visual separation between them, you can use a glass door, island, or other visual separation of  ideas of course

Dining room and living room

The combination dining room and living room is really taking off at the moment; it makes a home feel more spacious.

 And you can achieve that just with clever planning to separate them without interfering with the clearance

Like using a long or L-shaped sofa or why not go the more unusual idea that will give originality to your home style by using an aquarium.

Origin of the Open Floor Plan modern homes

In the early ’90s, the kitchen was usually placed at the back of the house because homes were based on a closed floor plan, where the hallway was the main road to all rooms.

This continued until the advent of modern design at the end of the 1950s, which came with some ideas of open floor plan homes with a large open living space that combines the dining and living areas.

As time passed and new ways of the building appeared, open floor plans became more practical.

The advent of central heating systems and other innovations means that it is now easier to build with large open spaces

Gradually, until the nineties, open floor plans became the most common in construction and continued to this day to become an addition to the real estate value of the house.

Advantages of Open floor plan modern homes

  • The open floor plan creates the impression that the room is bigger:

Although modern design gives more space to the rooms. However, the open floor plans make the room particularly airy.

For example, when we enter a space, we don’t think about whether the room is very functional; we naturally focus on the fact that it is well ventilated.

It’s better to have a modern kitchen opens to the dining room and living room than a traditional kitchen isolated in a windowless corner.

Natural light gives energy and cool vibes to your space, so if your dining room or living room has glass windows that let in the light;

 Then it will be a huge advantage to your space if you allow the kitchen to have that light also.

  • An Open floor plan modern homes encourages communication:

Which one of us doesn’t like to cook and talk at the same time, interesting isn’t it?

  • Increasing the monetary value of the property.

In a lot of requests now, the open floor plan is the most requested and increases the percentage of buyers wanting your home, by up to 8% annually in 2022.

After it was 7.2% in 2017 according to Real Estate News & Insights.

Disadvantages of Open floor plan modern homes

  • Difficult to contain noises

In contrast to the closed floor, the open floor does not depend on the walls that help to absorb some noise, and this will allows the noise to spread more.

  • The lack of privacy

Grouping several functions in one room are sure to reduce or even eliminate home privacy.

 Imagine a family made up of people of different ages, tasks, and habits.

It would also be a little difficult to adapt to one room.

  • Difficulty covering up the mess

We all love cleanliness and keeping the kitchen clean. That’s right, But in some circumstances can be some chaos.

 For example, cooking takes some time and your guests come early, Considering that you are using an open floor this will enable them to see the messy kitchen and will create some little awkwardness

  • Limited decoration

It is clear that in order to obtain a harmonious open floor, it will be necessary to unify the decor in these combined rooms.

So if you are a fan of different styles, colors, and patterns, this will limit your application to your home.

Open floor plan vs closed floor plan


Open floor planclosed floor plan
Different layoutSound Control
more lightEnergy Efficiency
Increasing valueUnique decoration


Open floor planclosed floor plan
Less privacyLess natural light
Smells can spread easilySmaller spaces
NoiseReduced accessibility
Limited decorationTidiness
Difficulty covering up the messNo line of sight

When to choose an open floor plan

  • If you have a big family and young children.
  • If You like to entertain your guests
  • If you want to be creative when changing your layouts.
  • You plan on selling at some point.
  • You or a family member love to be more accessible.


 What is the opposite of an open floor plan?

The opposite of an open floor plan is a closed floor plan.

In a closed floor plan, each room in the house is separate from the other.

What is a semi-open floor plan?

Semi-open can be defined according to its name; it’s a mix of open and closed floor plans.

 Semi-open can be really challenging to achieve, and you need some expert tricks to apply it the right way and not ruin it.

Interior designers rely on half walls, partial walls, and split level methods to achieve a perfect semi-open floor plan.

How much does Open floor plan modern homes cost?

The average cost of open floor plan renovation for a non-load-bearing wall range between 1600 $ -3500 $

The average cost of open floor plan renovation for load-bearing walls inside multi-level homes ranges between 5000 $- 16000$

Note: These costs vary between regions and another.

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