54+ Best Painting Ideas for Bedroom that Will Surprise You

In this article, we have put together 54 Painting ideas for bedroom To inspire you, avoid mistakes!

When we see how much a simple painting can transform spaces, it would be wrong to just rush things out; instead, we need to go step by step to finally choose the right choice for us

We have here a lot of painting ideas for bedroom, and here a guide to follow  

  • Browse this photos in the article
  • Let those pictures inspire you.
  • Follow our tips step by step to help you choose your colors correctly.


1-Green color to paint a bedroom

When we say green then we naturally associate it with nature,

and Not surprising that bedrooms that come with green paint are relaxing and peaceful

According to many variations, this color can also take place in the bedroom.

paint color palette 6D8B74
paint color palette 86dc3d
paint color palette bfcab4
paint color palette 82ac85
paint color palette 49b265
paint color palette 062315
paint color palette 3c8046
paint color palette 00aead
paint color palette 476930
paint color palette 184d47
paint color palette 8cdba9
paint color palette 133a18
paint color palette 92e000

2-Blue color to paint a bedroom

The most popular color right now for the bedroom walls is blue color,

it’s a relaxing color plus being merged easily and is available in several versions.

paint color palette 067fd0
paint color palette 8c909c
paint color palette 4f77aa
paint color palette 78aed3
paint color palette 69a6d1
paint color palette 33a9c4
paint color palette 5baeb7
paint color palette a5def2
paint color palette 00abff
paint color palette 2f387b
paint color palette 02198b
paint color palette 414c6b

3-Pink color to paint a bedroom

People think that a pink bedroom is a scary idea! …

Well, take a look at these photos and you tell me, beautiful right!

This proves that sometimes you have to be creative and have guts…

paint color palette FFB2A6
paint color palette ffe3f1
paint color palette C1A3A3
paint color palette FFE6E6
paint color palette FBD6D2
paint color palette F2C9E1
paint color palette F3C5C5
paint color palette FFAFAF
paint color palette EED7CE
paint color palette FBF4E9
paint color palette CDBBA7
paint color palette F8E2CF
paint color palette FFA0A0
paint color palette FCD8D4

4-Other Painting ideas for the bedroom

From classic and timeless white to yellow, earthy colors and terracotta to black, so many ideas right! 

Check out these bedroom painting ideas for inspiration

paint color palette FCF69C
paint color palette F32424
paint color palette FDAF75
paint color palette 687980
paint color palette 85586F
paint color palette FF8D29
paint color palette E8C07D
paint color palette E2C275
paint color palette BB9981
paint color palette A7BBC7
paint color palette DFDFDE
paint color palette 141E27

How to choose from the best Painting ideas for bedroom?

To figure out the ideal paint for your bedroom, you will depend on your desire, your style, the layout of the room, its brightness, and lighting.

  • 1-Cheek all the above photos to find inspiration.
  • 2-Make notes about your favorite painting ideas.
  • 3-Create a Pinterest board to save your thoughts.

Once the first 3 steps are done, you can begin more precise paint searches.

  • 1-Note down color references.
  • 2-order samples of paints
  • 3-test the section of the wall to be painted.

Avoid rushing and Take the time to discover how the paint looks on your wall at various times of the day.

Because what you see on the Internet can sound totally different “in real life”.

You can order repositionable samples in the form of stickers

that make it possible to make tests and have a good idea of what the paint looks like without leaving any traces.

What are the trendy paintings for the bedroom?

This year’s trendy paint colors for the bedroom include:

1-earth tones colors


3-dark shades of blue, green

4-sage green


6-matte black

As design specialists, we are inspired by trends,

but we always recommend choosing a timeless style that will stay timeless and that we will not tire of after a few months!

What is the best painting for the room?

To find out, you must choose your goal.

Looking to make your room more trendy?

Bring a special atmosphere?

Renovate your bedroom in a unique way?

Painting walls to get better sleep?

Certain colors may actually help (or disturb) sleep.

But don’t try to follow the rules; it’s mostly about common sense!

Choose a relaxing and serenity color from the Painting ideas for bedroom images above.

Painting for different Atmosphere

relaxing and peaceful Painting ideas for bedroom: neutral colors, broken whites.

refined and chic Painting ideas for bedroom: dark colors, a deep purple, a gray-black, or a navy blue.

sweet and poetic Painting ideas for bedroom: different shades of pink (powdery, old rose, etc.)

cozy and intimate Painting ideas for bedroom: warm colors like yellow, orange, and red – beware of bright hues, prefer pastel hues.

classic and timeless Painting ideas for bedroom: the various shades of white and neutral.

The best paintings to sleep well

There are no direct rules on this concept, it’s about using common sense and eliminating colors that are too bright, stimulating, or flashy.

And without forgetting that colors have a direct impact on our mood and behavior.

If you know the trick on how to react to certain colors, then you are able to choose the proper paint for better quality sleep.

White, choose split shades to avoid being too white.

The clear blue is soothing and calm.

Sage green brings to mind natural shades.

Shades of gray, are especially effective for a bicolor wall.

Matte black, a dark paint to mix with lightweight elements (bed linen for example) it’s very important to avoid a depressing room!

Small tip: Generally, the favorite paintings to sleep well are natural colors, and shades that are neither too dark nor too clear.

What painting for a dark room?

A dark bedroom often has sad vibes, which can affect your wellness and mood.

Painting is an easy and effective solution to this problem.

Pastel colors give brightness without being limited to white.

A blue sky can be effective, but be careful with the “cold vibes” looking bedroom

White, for sure, but try to choose a cream or off-white shades 

Painting ideas for bedroom ceiling

As you see in the images above; you can paint the ceiling of your bedroom.

And we have lots of fresh ideas.

Extra inspirations to use the paint in the bedroom in an original way:

Color block method (combination of colors)

Repainting part of the ceiling like a headboard.

The two-tone ceiling

Of colored bands

Curved, triangular and geometrical forms.

Colorful bedroom with no paint?

Are you a renter, or do you just not want to drop into the paintbox for your bedroom makeover?

Use the colors across:

Bed linen (pillows, pillowcases, duvets, sheets, blankets, etc.)

Plants and plant decorating.

Accessories & Decorative Items.

Wall decoration




Painting for tenants

Ok first, you must know that the owner is obliged to provide good and decent housing.

But the question is you allowed to paint your bedroom as a renter?

The law change in every country and city, therefore before you do anything you need to ask him to paint the walls if the painting is locking quite old.

How Much Paint Do You Need For a Bedroom?

To calculate the surface of your wall or ceiling, perform the following quick calculations:

Walls                                           2

Length                                         4.20 m

Height                                         2.50 m

Wall surface                               < 4.20 x 2.50 > x 2 = 21 m²

Open spaces                               2

Length                                         1 m

Height                                         1.50 m

Open spaces surface                < 1 x 1.50 > x 2 = 3 m²

Total surface                             21-3 = 3 m²

Calculate how much paint you need.

In general, a 1L pot will suffice to paint the woodwork of a standard room (two doors and a window),

while 3L will cover the needs for a room of about 10 m² on the ground, per layer.

Of course, this depends on the number of openings in your room, the substrate you paint on and the performance of the chosen product.

To calculate the correct amount, follow our tips below.

Quickly calculate your paint quantity using this formula:

(Surface in m² / yield in m² per L) x number of layers = quantities.

The “yield” of the paint that corresponds to the covering power, is usually indicated on the paint box or on our online product sheets.

How Long Does It Take to Paint A Bedroom?

It is necessary above all to move the furniture and other elements present in the room.

It will take minimum of 24H

Prepare the room to be painted

Here are the following steps to prepare the room with the required working time,

Remember that it all depends on the space of the room, as well as the size,

  1. Declutter the room (1h maximum)
  2. Apply protective plastic to the floor with protective tape and carpentry protection (up to 2 hours)
  3. Apply the underlayment (2 hours)

Paint the room in one or two days

  1. Apply the first layer of paint (2 h)
  2. Let dry (24H)
  3. Apply the second layer of paint (2 h)

Overall, it takes 3 days of work to paint a room correctly.

In the end, it will only take 9 hours to move from the preparation to the application of the paint.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

If you do it yourself, you will need 4 to 8 $ per square meter depending on the type of paint chosen.

If you want the work to be carried out by professionals, count between $20 and $40 per square metre.

If you do the job on your own.

You will need:

  • a brush
  • a roller
  • sandpaper
  • a ground protection tarp
  • a masking adhesive
  • a mounting adhesive
  • a paint tray
  • a spin grid
  • paint

Any questions?

Do you have any questions or certain ideas you applicate or are you willing to on your bedroom?

Share your opinion and your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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