Victorian Modern Decor: The Reasons Why We Love it

The Victorian modern decor has a spirit of the beautiful Victorian-era mix with modern touches.

Learn more about Victorian modern décor, what it is, how it came, its characteristics, and other vital elements that apply this style to your space. 

What is Victorian modern decor?

Victorian modern décor is a décor style that combines a simple minimalist modern look with elegant elements of the classic Victorian style.

Modern Victorian style is lovely and romantic, but without overwhelming, so it’s essential to find balance.

The Victorian modern decors bring the charm of the past and the modernism of the present to your home.

How Victorian modern decor idea came:

Victorian decorating has long since ceased to be popular. It is often considered too frosty and too feminine and dark. 

But, many elements of traditional style stick to people’s minds although it was designed in the 19th century, so for that, the look has been upgraded to something we call ‘Modern Victorian’.

The elements of Victorian modern decor

Lighter and Neutrals colors

When discussing modern Victorian decoration, colors are not as important as style. However, it is better to stick with lighter rather than darker colors.  

Victorians tend to be too dark (red, purple, Charcoal), but to preserve freshness and modernity, choose lighter and Neutrals colors like beige, white, or grey.

Or, if you want to go further, choose color-blocking to paint walls.

Taking two opposite colors, one neutral and the other dark, will add interest to your space and make your ceiling appear higher.


What is known about the Victorian style is that it relies on heavy backgrounds in patterns such as damask.

These beautiful patterns can be kept in the modern design, but only sharply colors less than the usual dark colors.

Adopt patterns in neutral colors such as gray. White or beige is a great idea.

Also, decoration details like crown molding and chair rails are brilliant ways to add some Victorian style.


Returning to the Victorian era, we find that the furniture that characterized that period is weighty.

The furniture was in wooden pieces and covered with silk, velvet, and brocade in most cases.

But since we want to update the Victorian design, we should choose modern furniture with clear lines and light colors. 

And it’s even better to add more modern pieces such as a glass coffee table or a sectional sofa.

But it’s important also to keep the Victorian style personality by keeping two original pieces.

 Like a fireplace or radiators, even if they are not working because they will bring visual interest to the space.


Modern Victorian-style windows are on the bay windows type and use long curtains in light fabrics that let in the light.

 It is made from natural fabrics such as silk. Avoid additional margins too.

The beauty about bay windows in Victorian modern décor is their extra windows that allow you to make a statement using the window furniture you choose to suspend.

Tip: you can add shutters to your bay window. Shutters are perfect and practical elements to add modern Victorian style because.

besides their beautiful presence, they also help control light and temperature.


Accessories in any décor represent the final touch that decorates the appearance of your home. So you should choose it carefully.

Since we are talking about the luxurious Victorian design, the most suitable pieces are mono-toned mirrors, crystal candlesticks, chandeliers, and even some beautiful pillows.

And always remember that the secret in this design is not to exaggerate.

Design tips for Victorian modern decor 

Hide clutter

There are two types of storage in our homes or any space, and you need to use them well to achieve a perfect look.

The first type is a hidden storage, like Side Table or Closet Under the Stairs, to hide all the messy items you don’t want to see in your decor look. 

Secondly, the design allows you to store, such as the carefully curated shelves, which will enable you to display your accessories and things that you love and cannot give up creatively.


Choose a dramatic setting to bring in more of the Victorian character. For example, choose a Dark color floor or floor with wide tiles. 

Or opt for a beautiful animal print area rug if you don’t want a less demanding solution.


The victorian modern style accentuates luxury lighting and provides an excellent opportunity to select bold and luxurious accessories that will catch the eye up.

That said, look at the lighting in your space like a jewel: you want each luminaire to complete the other without invading space or competing against each other.


Adding natural elements is an essential aspect of modern design.

That is why it is necessary to find a suitable way to intertwine it with the Victorian style, which is very much concerned with gardening and landscaping.

 That’s why you can bring in some beautiful dried flowers that add a touch of the past and last even months longer than fresh flowers.


While we’re talking about bringing in more vintage touches, we must mention the crafts.

I know many do not have the time to embroider textiles by hand or crochet wheels. 

But some decorative craft items are made with technology in the market, like laser-cut textiles that will do the purpose.

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