What Is Clean Lines Decor? all that you need to know -2022-

You probably hear about the term clean lines decor a lot, especially when it’s about modern and minimalist decoration.

But what the heck is clean lines decor? How do we know it? What good about it? And why it’s so popular?

Let’s find out…

What do clean lines mean in decorating?

The clean lines of home decor are unbroken and uninterrupted lines.

Those lines may be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. They help to shape the room and guide your eye.

The clean lines are created using the furniture, the objects’ patterns, and the room’s structure. These elements allow for harmony, unity, and contrast in the decoration.

In-home décor is necessary to take into account the lines which will be created in the room by the various elements of the decoration.

What design style is a clean lines decor?

In general, is the modern décor style, and in particular the minimalist décor, cause the key elements in modern décor are very clean lines and simple shapes

Type of clean lines decor

We have on basic 2 main lines:

Curvilinear line

Curvilinear lines are lines that have a curved shape. Many curvilinear lines can be seen in traditional furniture and ornamental decoration.

 Curvilinear lines decoration started in the Baroque era when there was so much use of curvilinear lines as a means of expressing riches.

Curvilinear lines were mostly used as a tribute to Mother Nature, as artisans at that time wanted house interiors and architecture better connected to the natural world.

Rectilinear line

Straight lines are straight lines similar to those of a rectangle.

These are the kinds of lines that we most associate with “clean lines” because they are uninterrupted and straight.

 There is a tendency to transmit masculinity and power.

What is the shape of clean lines decor?

Clean lines or Curvilinear and Rectilinear can be arranged in 3 types:

Horizontal lines

The horizontal lines provide a sensation of stability. Think about a room with heavy carpentry:

A chair bar, paneling, crown moldings, and high baseboards.

The feeling created by all these horizontal lines is one of state, timelessness, and, in some cases, masculinity, giving the space a general sense of stability.

Vertical lines

When we see the vertical lines that were created by the columns in Greek and Roman Civilization or the type of architecture that is still today in the most famous government buildings around the world.

You will know that there is a good reason for the use of verticality which is that architects and designers wanted to give the feeling of length and power in those building

Diagonal lines

Diagonal lines, whether used on their own or as a motif, tend to transmit the dynamic energy and a sense of orientation.

 Think about a herringbone pattern or argyle pattern. They carry a sense of movement and life.

However, even when used in a structural component, such as a staircase, diagonal lines are dynamic, and directional, and may give clues to orientation.

Clean Lines Decor Diagonal lines

Importance of clean lines decor


The horizontal lines enlarge the narrow spaces, lower the look to ground level, create a feeling of intimacy, and are very contemporary.

But beware:

  1. The overuse of horizontal lines has the ability to make the space appear more boring, less inspirational, and lose sight of the important elements.
  2. If you have 8 ft ceilings and wish to use horizontal lines! They can also create a sense of being short and crouching.

Too high baseboards and too thick moldings will start to narrow your walls.

Vertical line

Vertical lines make the rooms appear larger, the large spaces narrower; they give the room an air of formality and grandeur.


You can use diagonal lines to move between spaces with vertical or horizontal lines and back.

Diagonal lines can be made with accessories, paint, wallpaper, or mouldings. To break with monotony, choose geometrical shapes guided by our interior decorators.

When we can apply clean lines look

We can apply both curvilinear and rectilinear lines in the modern and contemporary décor styles.

Good examples of using clean lines style in the “best” way are Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and Post-Modernism.


For a more feminine look at home, consider the use of curved furniture.

Which parts of the home can apply clean lines decor?

You can use the clean lines style in any room in the house, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office, or even walls and ceiling

 And there are a lot of methods to do so, you can choose clean lines furniture, painting or some modern wall decors, it up to you.


Clean lines decor furniture:

Geometric shapes with clean line furniture are other distinctive features of modern spaces.

They are found, for example, in the patterns of the sofa cushions. Or the idiosyncratically designed chairs.

This help creates the perfect contrast without detracting from the overall decor theme.

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