What Is Mid-century Modern Decor? complete guide to this lovely style

The mid-century modern decor is an exciting design with its characteristics, history, and the touch it brings to the place.

You probably noticed lately that there is a lot of talk about it

So what is mid-century modern decor? its origins, its popularity, and how you could decorate your home with

What is mid-century modern decor?

The mid-century modern is a style known for its clean lines, a combination of natural and artificial materials, and bright accent colors.

Mid-century modern decor is an interior style that made its way to the world in the United States of America between 1940 and lasted told the sixties 1960.

The mid-century modern has returned and has grown in popularity over the last decade and continues to have a timeless appeal.

What is mid-century modern decor history?

Modern home décor has its origins in mid-20th century America due to the great influence of the German Bauhaus and the Scandinavian School of Design and Architecture in the early 1990s whose ideas revolved around clean lines and functionality.

After World War II, many German designers brought their new and modern ideas to America. From 1950 to 1960, mid-century modern decor dominated most American homes.

The mass production of furniture was also known for its diversity in its manufacture’s range of materials and colors.

Mid-century modern decor stayed popular between the beginning of the 50s until the last years of the 70s; then, other inspirational interior ideas came from Italy like “Memphis design.”

What is mid-century modern decor reason for rising and popularity?

Beginning of the comeback in the 1980s

The expression “Mid Century Modern” was published in the book “Midcentury Modern: Furniture from 1950“, released in 1984.

The popularity of mid-century modern in recent years can be traced back to Greenberg’s book.

Where he became famous and achieved great success, sold more than 200,000 copies, and most importantly, he brought back the beautiful design of the mid-modern century.

The style was notoriously outdated and unpopular in the early 1980s.

 But Kara’s book gave a new breath to the mid-century modern style when it was published in 1984, and from there interest in this style gradually began to return.

1990; the market reaction

Back in the ’90s, there was a lot of talk about midcentury modern design…

And the market knew selling sofas at an unreasonable price in that period, with values ​​exceeding $ 60,000. Like George Nelsons Marshmallow sofa

This high price led to the discontinuation of many classic designs in the middle of the century…

 Because of the popularity of the mid-century modern style, many designers focused on it and start producing more models that were sold at big prices in that period.

The effect of the many imitations of the pieces on the increasing rise of the originals, because it became difficult to abandon the original while its copy looks the same and its value is much smaller.

Prices continued to rise crazy for that period, as the sale of Carlo Marino’s table was worth four million dollars

2000; media influence

Media like Dwell and Wallpaper Magazine began in the early 2000s to promote mid-century modern style, but what made an impact was a series called mad men.

Mad man TV show talked about the most prestigious ad agencies at the end of the 1950s, where the program presented a beautifully accurate representation of the mid-century modern style…

These greatly influenced people to rely on their interior designs.

What is mid-century modern decor characteristics?


Mid-century modern furniture is all about sleek, simple design and clean lines, with minimalism principles featuring clean lines and a focus on functionality and clutter-free.

Mid-century modern style décor furniture often consists of simple pieces of material attached to wooden or metal pin legs.

Natural and man-made materials

 You will find a lot of mid-century modern style décor looks depending on using natural materials like wood, bamboo, metal, leather…Etc

And man-made materials like (polyester, nylon, Crypton…Etc).

To learn more about man-made and natural materials in modern furniture read this article

Integrating interior design with exterior design

One of the modern mid-century architecture principles is integrating natural materials with manufactured materials; the same goes for modern mid-century design…

And to achieve this, the designers look to incorporate more plants in this style and use modern windows that harmoniously combine the interior with the exterior.

Natural shades with bright basic colors

Mid-century modern décor is based on using bright colors with neutral tones to enhance the idea of combining interior design with the exterior design.

The idea of this is to take the basic bright natural colors of the mid-century style and give them a modern touch by mixing neutral colors that represent the modern style.

What is mid-century modern decor adapted designs that can mix with?

What is mid-century modern decor coolest thing! is that he can adapt to a different style and keep his presence and elegant, the style that he can mix with is:

Rustic mid-century modern

Rustic mid-century modern style

The option to combine rustic and mid-century modern may seem unexpected to you. But in fact, the combination of these two designs creates a unique look.

For example, a room covered with wood in a rustic style with some Sputnik chandeliers or a Jonathan Adler sofa and clean lines gives a gorgeous piece of art.

Farmhouse mid-century modern

Farmhouse mid-century modern style

Farmhouse mid-century modern design has been popular since 2019.

It may seem to many people that it is difficult to achieve, but with some tips like adding some natural texture, mid-century modern furniture with clean lines, and some plants inside the house.

And you will have a substantial Farmhouse mid-century modern home.

Boho mid-century modern

Boho mid-century modern style

Mixing bohemian style with mid-century modern is a relaxing environment; this style was inspired for the first time by the west coast living…

It brings bohemian style’s comfort and flourishing look and merges it with geometric shape and clean lines of mid-century modern. 

What is mid-century modern decor design tips?

Start decorating your space around iconic pieces

Choose two or three modern furniture pieces and start decorating around them.

This can be a Saarinen table or a Barcelona chair, Use other design characteristics – like adding plants.

 Or combine bright colors with neutral colors to get your beautiful piece of art.

Be creative with colors

creative wall paint

Let’s agree that the essential thing in any design is the choice of color, and this is no different for the mid-century modern design either.

Instead, the color in the mid-century modern design is essential to differentiate it from the minimalist design.

That is why I recommend you choose a Retro color for the furniture you love most. For example, it could be a rug or chairs in your dining room.

Natural vibes

Natural vibes decor

Find a way that suits you to include an element of nature in your décor.

 For example, if you have windows overlooking a beautiful garden or a beautiful landscape, you can choose interior colors that fit that view to complete the large picture.

 Or choose the traditional option by adding potted plants to the rooms of your home.


What is mid-century modern decor character that its on different from modern decor?

Mid-century modern is indeed a modern design because it favors function in terms of shape yet adds its unique touch.

The mid-century modern uses vibrant decorative accents, unlike other classic modern designs, which help maintain the decorative elements to a minimum.

What is mid-century modern decor Famous designers?

The famous mid-century modern designers are Eames, Harry Bertoia, Ludwing Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Arne Jacobsen, and Paul Evans.

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