What Is Modern Rustic Decor? Complete guide -2022-

The modern rustic interior design is a mix of old and modern; this interior style inspired many designers and stars worldwide.

So what is modern rustic decor, what are its elements, and how do you make a rustic house more stylish, learn more in this article…


what is modern rustic decor?

Modern rustic interior design is a design that combines an open floor plan and modern natural elements with classic rustic details that give a character to the space. 

This design will create a relaxed, elegant, cozy, and modern lifestyle at its best!

The modern rustic interior design has gained a lot of popularity today.

what is modern rustic decor character that it’s different from a modern farmhouse?

While both designs focus on wood and old classic details, modern rustic is a little rough and leans towards neutral colors.

On the other hand, modern farmhouse tends more toward white colors and more modern natural elements.

What is modern rustic decor element? 

Wood and Stone

Wood and stone are probably the essential elements of a modern rustic interior design.

 And because this design tends towards a bit of roughness, it depends on exposed stone walls and stone fireplaces to add a sense of rugged texture to the interior, and warm woodwork in all finishes, from soft to old, creates a profoundly serene atmosphere.

Some houses are packaged with these original characteristics, like wooden floors, stone walls, and beamed ceilings. 

Whether you are constructing or renovating a plan to exhibit these architectural elements, get rid of that stucco, get rid of that ceiling to expose a rising top, or add those lovely details yourself, walls and wood-clad builders change your space.

Simple natural fabrics

Modern country style depends a lot on textiles, which is fundamental to this look’s vibrancy.

They provide the necessary smoothness of all these earthy raw materials.

 They are the fashion sticker of the trend! Opt for fresh cotton, heavy linens, and soft velvet; the tactile, woven, and firmly woven items also go.

 Opt for natural colors with anthracite gray, warm white, and mild beige yellow to create a sophisticated neutral background.

Consider the hirsute sheepskins that offer a contrasting composition with a homemade wooden bench; Pillows covered with cotton and linen are spread transversely for extra comfort.

Decorating modern concrete or wooden floors with organically shaped vintage skins and kilims is another fantastic way of bringing sophistication and drama to the modern rustic appearance. 

The recent move toward the jute and sisal carpets often woven in beautiful forms will also work magnificently in this theme.

Open home with large windows.

The large windows are another extremely significant element of the modern rustic house. 

It is an element that meets rustic interiors and modern sensitivities by creating a decisive design element in this style. 

A modernist house is always open and light-filled, making windows a characteristic feature. 

In the same way, rustic homeowners want their space to feel as close to the open air as possible.

 That’s why an easy line of visibility into the open air is the priority of modern rustics! Think broad, honest, and define the sight. 

Modern furnishings and equipment

Numerous types of furniture are suitable for the modern rustic home. The rooms must be nicely designed and mainly made of natural materials.

 Furniture inspired by the midcentury is made for this style, with their unrefined leather and wooden being a perfect combination of material. 

Maintain modern kitchens with rustic overtones; cover a wall with antique breadboards or add flax blankets to open shelves. 

Assemble a rustic-inspired bathroom by adding an old-style, self-contained tub to an otherwise modern blend.

Try gluing to a consistent color and material palette to maintain a consecutive look.

Keep the mess to an absolute minimum. Select parts of weight and presence, but remember that the key is to think rustic, NOT farmhouse look when choosing.


Lighting in a modern rustic setting requires particular attention. When natural materials are used widely, an area may appear austere. 

Rough surfaces and deep colors tend to swallow light; it is, therefore, essential to have an abundant supply of natural and artificial light. 

Lighting is efficient in this trend but can also provide a lot of drama and glamour in a space, so don’t forget to work in a handful of lights that both work hard and look beautiful.

Place a large wicker lampshade on an old-fashioned dining table or group together a collection of single-color candles and tea lamps on a nightstand table to create a sparkle of the surrounding light.

What is modern rustic decor tips to decorate

Emphasize Natural Wood

Whether you have existing architectural features or install them to make the appearance, adding wood to walls or introducing textured wood furnishings will significantly help create a more rustic modern home.

Match a neutral palette with a minimal motif

The best way to characterize the modern rustic color scheme is not simple, and you won’t see many funky wallpaper patterns or colorful walls.

You’ll see a lot of colors in nature. Watch the variations of the stone or wooden wall covering to find clues for the rest of the space.

Natural architecture materials typically contain a rainbow of natural colors: 

Grey, creamy, white, mole, beige, and black.

These colors are ideal for painting the walls and the choice of padding and finishing in a modern rustic space.

Cozy Textures

Introducing elements such as rich antique leather on the upholstery will immediately contrast neutral walls.

Small accents like a false fur pillow or wallpaper enhance and soothe modern architectural features such as concrete floorings, polished stone countertops, and other modern components.

Bring the comfortable floor with a hairdressing or hair-on-skin accent mat on a modern flatbed carpet. 

Overlaying different textures works fine to mix many different styles of design, particularly rustic modern.

Superimpose an old quilt or a hand-knit toss on your modern sofa. Install homemade pottery on your modern shelves, cupboards, or shelves. 

Modern rustic meeting works marvelously when you natural diaper, comfortable textures with modern architectural features.

Please don’t get so serious about the process because when playing with overlay materials, you’ll come up with the perfect combination and create the magic I referred to it above.

Just Drop your guard and have a good time.

Select clean lines in furnishings and accessories

You know What is modern rustic decor coolest thing! By combining modern with rustic, you won’t see many legs flipped over furniture or complex incrustations on tables.

 Although the natural mixture with modern furniture prevails, you won’t see much hustle and bustle in the modern rustic.

Upholstery tends to be more modern: simple, clean lines, slender legs, and an evident lack of over-filling are typical.

Take, for instance, this modern chair. The shape of the butterfly adds curvature and dimension without moving away from the formula in a clean line. 

The leather on the body is a rich, warm coppery color with a bit of desolation to add texture.

 This is an excellent example of how you can mix modern and rustic features in one piece.

Bring in opposites

Rustic wooden paneling contrasts with a smooth and square concrete fireplace. You can’t be any more modern and rustic.

 When the gathering is completed for a modern rustic space, always mix complete opposing materials in the vicinity. 

Consider blending a recovered or truly rustic wooden table with modern metallic feet on a dining table. Place rustic wooden floating shelves on a simple gray wall.

Don’t worry about combining the old with the modern in the same furniture room or architectural components in a space.

 You can create a comfortable yet elegant, beautiful space by combining two styles.

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